Western Promises

Our Reimagining of the events of History. Our game paused December 30,1890. We will resume the game timeline June 28, 1914
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General Sterling Steele

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PostSubject: guidelines   Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:40 pm

so, these are the links to the guidelines that the group will be using to develop the rules.



If players have the time to take a look at them, and they want to provide their input on the guidelines, that would be greatly appreciated. the better we are able to define what we all want out of this, the more we will all get what we want out of this.

this is in response to player/player and moderator/player friction.

fundamentally there was no reason for any of this friction, however, perhaps something should be discussed about surprises or twist end resolutions? perhaps there has been too much "shock value" content, heavy with disturbing imagery? what do you think? how much content censorship is necessary?
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