Western Promises

Our Reimagining of the events of History. Our game paused December 30,1890. We will resume the game timeline June 28, 1914
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 Atlanta City Hospital

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General Sterling Steele

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PostSubject: Atlanta City Hospital   Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:22 am

The Hospital in The City of Atlanta Georgia
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General Sterling Steele

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PostSubject: Pissing into the wind...   Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:15 am

brief canon update of what is going on in the world. chat conversations between Jack Plisskin, Victoria Steele, and General Sterling Steele. It will be divided up and sorted to its relevant forums shortly, however I felt it more prudent to let players know what was taking place in the chats.

Jack Plisskin
So I was thinking as Jack rides into the hospital, the first thing he does is snag a doctors uniform and madly tries to make himself look presentable

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
One would think he would look for the doctors locker room
Look like anyone arriving for shift

Jack Plisskin
Like I said, he’s not the brightest. But he would eventually find his way to a locker room
JUN 27TH, 1:48PM

Jack Plisskin
So sooner or later, a very young looking man in a hastily dressed doctors uniform finds his way into Texas room.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
The man jack had a drink with in san fransisco was laying in the hospital bed, tubes down his throat and nose, coming in and going out of his arms, there were a couple coming out from under the sheet at his waist. A man in army fatigues wearing glasses is sitting beside the bed writing notes in his own book and checking the information on his chart. No wonder he had such a hard time finding the place. It said Sterling Steele on the door not Colonel Steele and there were no guards. Machines filtering his blood whizzed and buzzed and snapped with electricity. The army doctor looked up at the doctor as he entered. "Is there a problem?"

Jack Plisskin
Think fast Jack: “No problem, doctor, save some mix up with the paper work. I was suppose to report to you a few days ago but didn’t find out till just this morning.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
The doctor closed his book and put it in his inside breast pocket. He looked back to the chart making a note on it. "Just get on with it, never mind the excuses."

Jack Plisskin
That was easier than I thought, Jack thinks. “Right. So... how is our patient doing? Looks like he’s seen better days, hmmm?” He picks up a note pad and scans the room and Texas for any bit of information.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"My patient. What were you supposed to come tell me? Exactly?" Jimmy made another note on the chart and set it down. Jimmy pulled a cigar from his pocket and lit it checking texas' vitals again and checking the drugs they were giving him again.
Just then Victoria returns with Stirling jr. In toe Stirling is carrying some kind of book with him. "Doctor I think Stirling might have some better insit then me, besides he wanted to talk to you as well" said Victoria. Stirling nodded in agreement.
Victoria looked at other man in the room? I'm sorry have we met?

Jack Plisskin
Jack takes careful note as to how the doctor moves and conducts himself, from the way he checks over Texas, to the way he sits, to the way he chews the cigar, to the way Jimmy talks. The authority, assurance, and confidence in the voice of the doctor and the manner he holds himself are all things Jack will need to emulate in order to pass and convince everyone that he belongs. His voice hardens a little bit- after all, Jack is suppose to be a doctor. Why should this one give him lip for being where he belongs. He fixes his southern accent and squares his shoulders. “With all due respect, sir, I am no more amused by this than you. Now I suspect cooperation on both our parts would be best for... your patient.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
When she returned with their son the doctor sighed "mrs. Steele, perhaps you should give me some time alone with your son. Often there are things shared between a father and son that should never make their way to the ears of the mother or wife." This was the first time sterling junior had seen his father since the medic tent out front. With tubes down his throat and nose, coming out of his arms and going into his arms. There were machines filtering his blood that clicked and buzzed and whurred.

Jack Plisskin
He nods to Victoria. “Good morning, ma’am. My name is...” think of a name Jack... “Harvey Goldclickenstein. I am also going to be providing help to the young man here.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Jimmy looked at the burning end of his cigar carefully "Major;" jimmy corrected. "I know the higher ranks are hard for citizens to discern, but try. Unless you don't expect anyone to call you Doctor; Doctor Goldclickenstein, is it?" Jimmy made note of the name. "He came in saying he was meant to report to me a few days ago, but has yet to tell me what that report is, Staff-sargent Steele."

Jack Plisskin
Jack hides a grimace. This is harder than he thought. Still, he’s got a name and a rank. “Yes, well as it turns out, the Major here needs round the clock monitoring and the higher ups figured you could use an extra set of hands.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Major Jimmy looked to Staff Sergeant Steele for her lead. Colonel Steele was her husband after all. He knew something was wrong when he walked in. Only the family should be here. Still there were two brothers unaccounted for that fit jack's age and general description. Victoria would know for sure though.
"Thats interesting" she said "doctor if you like you can talk to Stirling now is a good time." I can give the new doctor a toured of the hospital. Eyeing up the new guy.

Jack Plisskin
Jack nods. A little unorthodox but he needs information. “Good idea. I need to review the Major’s history.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Major jimmy nodded. "Alright. Sterling Junior, why don't you sit down here on the bed. Your dad's asleep, but I'm sure he'd appreciate you there all the same."
Once his mother and the other doctor leaves Stirling jr looks around to check that there a lone. I found these not long after dad went to Japan. Its his journal, i thought thus would help so i told my mother a while ago i guess she remembered after all. Stirling hands him the journals
Victoria took her time showing the new doctor around. Finally she said. This is the last stop on the toured. She opened a door. In here. She smiled

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
The doctor smiles and gratefully takes the journal from sterling junior. He reads a few of the pages in it and looks to the boy a little worried. "How much of what is in here do you understand?"
I've had it for a while now. I understand most of it. I still turn a little red when mother comes in the room.
As jack and Victoria walk into the room looks like it was a surgury room but now its storages. Jack hurd a click as Victoria locked the door. Jack turns to face her only to find a stiletto in his face. Victoria spoke in a chilling voice, "who are you? And what do you want with my husband? "

Jack Plisskin
The gig is up, Jack. He motions Victoria to look down where a Colt single action is point at her stomach. “I never was good at pretend, ma’am so I’ll be honest instead. And it is God’s truth when I tell you I’m not here to hurt you or your husband. But I did come with a purpose and I advise you not to bar me from it.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"From what i see here, your father is a very passionate man though he might not known how to direct those passions. He loves your mother, but it looks like... hes not sure she feels the same. What do you think?"
She's just confused, and i don't blame her said Stirling.
Victoria smirks and saids look behind you. Just as she said that jack here's a click from behind him as he feels cold metal up against his head theres some black woman holding a gone to his head. If its true your not here hurt my family then what are you here for?

Jack Plisskin
Jack boosters the colt. “That’s a long story. Truth be told I am a little unsure of the details myself. But i need the help of that man lying in that hospital bed. I need it with a powerful fury.”
Victoria looks at the man for a long time finally, she nodes her head and the black lady puts her gun away. Victoria pulls two chairs out of storage pile, "wont you have a seat?" Victoria takes a seat herself. " as you can see my husband in no shape to help himself let alone any one else. But if you tell me who you are and what you need i might ne interested in a deal.

Jack Plisskin
“My name is Jack Plisskin and for several years I am what you could call a mercenary. Till I came a across a piece of information some very powerful men buried and they need to kill the Major to keep it buried. To be blunt, Texas Steele needs to stay alive and I intend to see to it that happens.”
Oh? And what valuable piece of info are you referring to?

Jack Plisskin
“You’ll understand, ma’am if I keep that to myself.”
No i don't, sinces i know that your an ex-spy i also know theres a large bounty on your head. So let me put it to you this. If you don't give me a reason to want to work with you. Then im just going to turn you in. Don't forget. Yiur not exactly in the position to argue. Not if you need my husband help that much.

Jack Plisskin
“You turn me in, you shoot me, and there’s no one who can save Steele in this country. They will find him and they will burn him along with everyone else even tangentially related to this mess. I know. I had to put down one of their strays before coming here. I also took the liberty of speaking to a friend of mine at a paper. If I don’t check in with this friend, he’ll tell the entire country about Steele and everything he’s done. You mistake my intentions here. I’m no spy. I am a patriot.”
I said you were a spy and please don't taking this the wrong way but you haven't told me anything i don't know already, and your two weeks to late for that my home and my family have already been targeted. So last chance Plisskin, give something useful or theres nothing more to talk about.

Jack Plisskin
“If you already know this then you’re in no position to be turning away help, ma’am. You’ve a home and a family with a target on them and that’s before you have to find means to help Steele. But if my altruism won’t speak to you, then how about vengeance? I don’t claim to know you from Adam but I have a feeling you care for that man lying on that bed with a powerful hurt. Now doesn’t it trouble you that the ones responsible for his suffering and for your suffering are getting away with it? Doesn’t it eat at you that they’ll ride through here, take everything you have left and ride off with you not being able to do a thing about it? Cause it bothers me. And that’s why I’m here. To make sure them that they are brought to justice. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you, but it does mean that Steele gets to keep breathing. What I have can bring that justice and I mean to bring it. Beyond that, I can’t say anything else. You’re going to have to trust me.”
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General Sterling Steele

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PostSubject: Re: Atlanta City Hospital   Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:16 am

Jack Plisskin
Fair enough.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Thats ok. Dont necessarily have to. Just dont want anyone to get lost or miss something))

Jack Plisskin
I might need a quick recap here and there but I’ll try to follow along

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
So quick recap, its dusk, jack and victoria are setting a trap. Victoria signalled stock without jack knowing. Stock howled and told her what happened with lock and barrel. Sterling and the doctor are talking. The doctor gave sterling a preliminary diagnosis of multiple personality disorder))

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Todays date is october 3 1890))

Jack Plisskin
Okie dokie
Victoria turns to jack we have a problem. Lock didn't take the bait which means hes still looking for his buddy's body.

Jack Plisskin
Jack pinched his brow. “Well, I suppose there’s something to be said for the direct approach. Y’all ever seen wolves hunt, ma’am?”
Yes I have she said with a grin. You want to take the lead?

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Stock was used to being prey. He always played bait. Fleeing for his life came as natural as tracking down prey. His route took him south towards florida. Funny thing was lock didnt give a damn about barrel. Or stock. But he knew the boss cared about his family. He took another look through the binoculars. No kentucky for three days. No victoria or tex. The butler and the kids left yesterday. Didnt matter. Sooner or later the boss would come back to his den. After dark he would move to a different location. The place was still crawling with soldiers and staff.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Sterling junior would read in his father's journal names and dates, places, map sketches, old home remodeling projects that covered up secrets. Every family secret was here in his hands. Looking at the cover the irony was beautiful. Family Bible in gold calligraphy.

Jack Plisskin
Jack turns to Victoria. “Would be rude of me not to.” He ducks into the shadows and within a few moments he is out of sight, trailing the stray and already setting his mind to work.

Victoria and viper follow with ease. Jack would never say it to her but she's good i mean really good. Her skills are incredible. If it wasn't for the fact that he knows she's there she be invisible to him.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Good luck jack. Stock was a race jockey as a cover. Skinny little whip weighed nothing and flew on the wind. When his horse collapsed, he flashed a badge in someones face and commandeered their horse.

Jack Plisskin
Jack is a wolf on the hunt, at home in the shadows, a man of the darkness on the trail of his prey. He breathed a sigh of relief to be away from Victoria. Something about her unsettled him. He knew she couldn’t be trusted but she was the closet thing to a lead he had. And it was less risky dealing with her than chancing Steele’s recovery. Still, an ally was an ally. And she was at least as good in the shadows as he was. Who cares what she thought of him. He had a mission.

Jack Plisskin
And speaking of the mission, the stray was on a horse. Jack marked his movement and grinned. He hated being in the city anyway. He turns to Victoria. “Let me introduce you to my better half.” A sharp whistle and Victoria sees what has to be the ugliest horse she has ever seen. Skinny, disheveled, grey and splotches of brown but powerful looking and damn fast. Not an American horse. Arabian stock. Probably worth a fortune. “This is Wilson.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Stocks road took him out past the steele plantation. Lock saw him flying up the road and pulled out his binoculars. "The fuck?" He made his way around the back porch of dixieland and in through the basement cellar door. They'd blown the locks off just about everything in all the gun fighting earlier this week. Long as that fucking alligator wasnt around he would be fine.
Victoria realize what was happening. No! Not him hes on our side. We need to find the other one. Hes in the city. My husband trust him more then the other too and i trust my husband judgement.

Jack Plisskin
Jack arcs and eyebrow. “You’ve an odd sense as to who is on your side, ma’am, if you don’t mind my saying. All those government strays only serve their masters and their allies change on a whim. It ain’t loyalty or friendship what decides who is one whose side but the times and the times alone.” He pats Wilson on the neck. “But alright. If you insist, we’ll trust the... what did you call it? Judgement? Of Texas Steele?”
Put it this if you kill all.my pawns ill have nothing to garden the king with to make a move.
Come on this way they started back tracking. They made their way back to the city they we're coming close to the church. Even if his not here its a good place to pick up his trail

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Up to the attic where the boss had fashioned himself a bunker. Better vantage from up there. Luckilly most of the fighting had been down at the everweather side of the estate and there werent too many soldiers still around dixieland. Looked like most of the usual traps when nobody was home had already been set off too. Not the one tex set when he left his den in the attic with the doctor though. Opening the door he set off a trip wire with an explosive.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
A flash of fire exploded out of the attic window practically blowing the whole floor off. Tex had that room filled with munitions and liquor and gunpowder.

Jack Plisskin
Jack eyes Victoria. “You think awful highly of yourself ma’am, to have pawns at your disposal. But alright. I will follow for now.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
I hope you guys saw the explosion))

Jack Plisskin
Jack is stunned. “Huh.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Tex always said try fucking with my den I'll burn it down with you in it. Victoria would know that. Every time someone threatened the family tex would lose his mind screaming try it fucker I'll turn the house into your funeral pyre.

Jack Plisskin
Jack shakes his head. “And you’re suggesting we trust the... judgement... of this individual.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Well that would certainly give the neighbors something else to talk about. Soldiers still around and staff started bringing buckets to put out the fire before it spread. God knows what else was still in the walls waiting to be set off by the heat of the house burning down.
Sigh its my husband paranoia. He Boobie trap the safe house. Well if hes dead youbhave nothing to worry about. If hes alive well use him later.

Jack Plisskin
Jack looks at her in bewilderment. “How do you live with such a man?”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Texas had never fully trusted any of the people who worked for him. He had plans for how to deal with each of them in the family bible. Lock had always been one to follow the money. He and tex had had it out several times about him sniffing around for the family gold. This would be the last time.
Lol my father was a lot like him. It was a good fit us to marry each other. Hes not the only one twisted and fucked up

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Tex wasnt the only one who had loose dogs though of course. Others would be coming soon. The trail was only getting messier for them to follow so the wheat would soon be separated from the chaff. Just in time to tear the country apart again. If any of this went public of course. Kentucky had finally followed jacks tracks to the church and the fresh grave. Well that was something he had to check. After all a hound has to dig for clues sometimes.
Victoria jack and viper arrive just as Kentucky shows up. Kentucky called out Victoria.

Jack Plisskin
“Another member of the family or a mercenary like you?” Jack asks Viper.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Kentucky was black as viper from the mud and swamp hed been through. Gasping and wiping the mud off his face. "Barrel's dead. Heard an explosion couple miles away. Any idea what that was?" Kentucky looked at jack and sighed wearily. Three days tracking without sleep he was exhausted. "Hey, kentucky. Tex's twin brother." He shook jack's hand "who's this guy?" He asked breathlessly

Jack Plisskin
Jack shrugs. “Just a stranger trying to do the right thing.”
“My name is Jack Plisskin.”
The explosion was stock i don't know if he's alive locks gone rouge. Hes my new body gard

Jack Plisskin
Jack shrugs again. “That works.”
It makes sense if either of us die the other has nothing. Kentucky i need to fine lock and we need to eliminate him before he cause more damage.

Jack Plisskin
“Been a lot of things, ma’am but never a body guard. Let’s find this stray and put him down then. I feel my head finally starting to clear.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"Son of robert plisskin?" Kentucky asked jack while fixing his hat. "Locks always been after the gold. Check the basement? Hasnt been there for years but lock dont know that." He shook his head. "I gotta finish checking barrels pockets. See if i can find out anything about who hes working with. Maybe hes got a letter on him. Find your package yet?" He leaned back against the church fence trying not to collapse.

Jack Plisskin
“Robert Plisskin was my father, yeah...” Jack nods. “But this ain’t the time. We have a stray to put down.”
Yeah your looking at him. She said grimly. He s right we'll have time to discuss this later right now we need to find lock He's going to have the info we need barrels not going anywhere any was and i could use your help two hounds are better then ine.

Jack Plisskin
Jack nods. “We need to circle him and make sure he only goes where we want him too. Force some place isolated, quiet and closed in. Or net needs to start wide and close tight and fast.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Kentucky shook his head "dont care. All I'm sayin is I've seen your file." He turned to victoria "i aint your hound. I still owe tex for the leg is all." Kentucky sighed "yeah, like i said, we need to go back to the house." He untied his horse getting into the saddle. "The basement is a maze of tunnels. Hes sure to get trapped in a dead end."

Jack Plisskin
Jack arch’s an eyebrow. The idea of his file interests him but now is not the time.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
No now isnt the time. "Any word from Oregon and Indiana? Wendy telegraphed me. She had the baby, a boy." He mentioned to victoria as kentucky started to lead the way back to the house.
Victoria expressions change at the mention of the boys she glanced at jack pure Loathing and anger. No i haven't. She turns on Kentucky you better tour family lives aee on the line. We can't afford to fuck up. Don't forget you have a little girl to look after, you owe it to him. A resolve emanated from Victoria. Determination. Kentucky is right. Hes probably after the gold shit. Wasting to much time looking for him. We need to be certain do you know 100% where he is Kentucky?
*you better care, our family lives are on the line.
*stupid auto correct.
JUN 28TH, 2:36PM
Victoria moves up beside jack as they make there way into the night. She spoke quietly so as the others didn't hear. You know that once this is over, if your really the man you calm, you know i have to kill you for the crimes against my family. You ruined a you woman's life. You left a boy who will never know his father. If you don't, your no better then the people your hunting.

Jack Plisskin
Jack grimaces. “Tell me something, who ensures the crimes Texas Steele committed do not go unpunished? Who tells their families that their fathers aren’t coming back? Better yet, who brings your former masters to justice? How many lives have you ruined? And you’re going pass judgement on me? I’ll answer for my crimes, that much is true. But it won’t be before my work is done. And it won’t be by you.”
Seems only fitting that we pass judgement on each other. when it comes, on my day of judgement ill take it punishment. Though i don't think that will be by your hand. Im sure someone else will do that. Special if we succeed.
The day i die justices will be served. To many people that i know, and that's the difference between us. I expect my judgment. You still running from it.

Jack Plisskin
“I have no doubt but neither one of us is fit to pass any kind of judgement on each other. We’re just soldiers. And we each have our respective goals. We ruin lives. We save others. We do what we have to. And the times pass their judgement.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"Oh would both of you shut up. Its like listening to tex talk to himself." Kentucky led them back to Dixieland. He stopped at the front gate looking up at the charred home he had grown up in missing the top floor of it. "Victoria, what the hell happened?"
Stock Victoria said. And Texas Boobie traps.
Victoria scanners the area maybe hes still alive.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"Stock? Are you sure?" They ride towards the house but someone is waiting to block the door. Brutus the alligator. 12 feet long with a mouth full of teeth. He opened his jaw hissing as they approached. Missing an eye and shot up already that gator was having nothing from nobody.

It had gone past sterlings bedtime and victoria still wasnt back yet. Tex put his arm around his son feeling the weight of the boys head on his chest. Major doctor jimmy covered them both with a heavier blanket as he sat watching them and reading texas' journal.

Jack Plisskin
Jack stares. “Alligator.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Kentucky groans "its just my brothers pet. Its harmless." He gets off his horse and ties it to the porch railing.

Jack Plisskin
“Most folk get a dog.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"Cant feed dead bodies to a dog.... pigs maybe." He went up to the door and the alligator rushed him amd snapped. But it wouldnt come off the porch. "Alright victoria what the shit. That log aint never attacked anyone."

Jack Plisskin
Jack shakes his head. He glances at Victoria. “Dead bodies, huh?”
Victoria sighed no time to explain. She picked a dead squirrel that was half cooked from the blast an tossed it at Brutus. Who snapped at it and devoured it in one bite. "Good boy, Victoria said in a soothing tone. We need to get by boy let use through. The alligator snapped a few times and slow moved into the swamp disappearing from sight.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"Yea see jack, they dont really get our family involved unless an agent has gone rogue. Tex is one of the best counterspies in the country. Took a bullet for the former president too." The leg. That bullet had been meant for the man that became president. Tex and victoria had done a great job fixing that mistake of Kentucky's.

Jack Plisskin
Jack isn’t buying it but he plays along. “As long as I don’t have to shoot the gator.”
You should believe it it was in the files you have. You should have looked through it more careful. She said as they made their way i to the house.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"Yea please don't, my brother will lose his shit. He loves that thing more than victoria." He looked at Victoria and shrugged "what? You managed to make the only guy that loved you unconditionally resent you in just a few years."

Jack Plisskin
“Oh I read it and I believe it. I also believe your husband raped his aunt, murdered six men and the government covered it up along with god knows what else. However you justify it to yourselves to help you sleep at night doesn’t matter to me. Bringing the strays and that government out into the light is what matters to me.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Kentucky stopped when he heard what victoria said to jack. "You fucker! Where are my brothers?" He grabbed jack by the shirt socking him in the face.
He didn't rape his aunt it was the other way around. Texas was eleven when that happened. His aunt was using him to get to Bradley she was a spy too. We need him Kentucky. I hate as much as you do but we don't have a choice he has the package and if anyone wants to survive. We have to work together. When its over we'll kill him then... what do you mean resentment? What did i do?

Jack Plisskin
Jack reflects the blow and unholsters the colt. “Don’t play me, boy. And do not mistake my intentions. I’m getting mighty sick of the entire family but I fail to see why the lot of you deserve to die. I’ve not idea what brought all of you here, but we are here none the less. So ask yourself, do I want to find this man to a gator, or do I need cool down?”

Jack Plisskin
“And don’t think feeding me to the gator will be as easy as cherry pie. I’ve survived far longer and through far worse.”
Shut up both of you. We'll kill him later right now we need to get lock.

Jack Plisskin
Jack smiles. “Yeah... where is the miserable start?”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Kentucky led them inside the house after letting jack go. "Dad used to tell everyone the gold was in the basement. By the way victoria thats where tex's problems with you start. He thinks you're only interested in the money. You're an insufferable bitch that has to have her way all the time. You think you know better than everyone regardless how little you know about something. Lets not get started on his career. He was a captain when you met but it wasnt a big enough badge for you to get your way hiding behind so he had to be a colonel. And didnt i just hear you talking the other day about how he wouldnt be able to run for president now?"

Jack Plisskin
“Well, to be honest, I don’t think he’d make a viable president, boy.”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Kentucky laughed as they went past the second set of stairs into the second basement. "Hes got no interest in politics. War maybe. More likely to run for congress if anything but he likes killing."

Jack Plisskin
“Yeah sounds like a government man, alright.”
Your one too talk Kentucky, you've head so deep in the sand you don't know which ways up. If you didn't you would know that i never need his money nor wanted it. And as for you, turning on jack im sick of you talk. Your a fucking hypocrite. You have no remorse for the lives you have taken that's not the same for us. We carry that till we die. And on other thing did you read the part where texas aunt's was a spy as well that tortured and manipulated him then calm rape. Not another word about my family or ill kill you where you stand fuck the package. It will take me long but I'd find it.

Jack Plisskin
“As you wish. But I’ve a stray to kill and a job to do.”
Okay Kentucky what's the plan?
He and Texas use to play down here hes the best to take point.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"Jack you go check the attic where the explosion was. Maybe it wasnt stock." Victoria and i will check the basement. As they passed dead bodies of men dressed like soldiers he pointed out "your 11 year old did that. And that. And that. "

Jack Plisskin
Jack heads to the attic, wondering if he should remove himself from the place and try his luck finding the den of the strays on his own. No. He needs them. At least for now. So to the attic, gun ready, and eyes peeled for gators.
Sigh impulsive like his father. I will give this i trained him well. She smiled
If he decides to join the family business he's going to surpass us all.

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
Jack would find locks charred remains and a telegraph of a wire transfer of money from an account in florida to his account in the ladder shoot leading up to the attic.
Victoria looks at Kentucky. I know your angry with me. In spite of what you think. I love Texas, i never thought possible to love someone so much. I know you understand or you wouldn't be taking your anger out on me. Its painful to loss someone care about so much, you just want to Curl up and die just to follow them. I miss him too Kentucky. Her voice cracks as tears roll down her face.

Jack Plisskin
Meanwhile up in the attic: “Miserable insane mother fuckers and their family and their government sponsored assassin ring. I should have just sold the package a bought some nice cigarettes... come on out, stray, I need some tension released.”
Just as it look like Kentucky was about to say something. KABOOM! as a loud exposition goes of not fair away from Kentucky and her. Jack could feel whole place shack.

Jack Plisskin
“Christ! War’s barely over and these hen fuckers are starting the next one.” He bolts down from the attack.
Dust and debris coverd the too of them. Victoria coughed. "Stupid idiot, is going to drop this whole place. Her and Kentucky sped off down the tunnel.

Jack Plisskin
“What kind of family keeps live gators and high grade explosives around? Most folk just pass on fine plates and the like!”
Victoria and Kentucky are navigating their way though the tunnels. Victoria wonders if jack is going to try and make his way down towards them. Theres a good risk he'll get lost down here. She shacks her head, why is she worried about him? Damit! Why did have to interfere.

Jack Plisskin
Jack has tracked animals and fugitives. He manages to catch up with them, sweaty and gun in his hand. He reads Victoria’s frustration but says nothing. For the first time he starting to wonder if interfering was the wisest course of action. Still, no sense worrying about it now.
Victoria turns her face, trying to hide her feelings. Kentucky leads them down the tunnels full if twists and turns finally after a while, he slows down and puts his finger to his lips. They stop to listen. They could here someone up ahead.

Jack Plisskin
Jack crouches down and holds the revolver close. His ears open and he waits. Patience serves the hunter best.
Kentucky motions that he's going to go ahead and try to circle around and flank him. He crept off into the darkness. suddenly they heard a loud thud and a man cry out. They heard another voice, "So the dog finally shows his ugly noise. Where's barrel body? I know you killed him. They heard another thud as Kentucky cries out again." "Shit" Victoria mutters. She turns to jack "cover me." As she runs ahead gunfire rang out of the tunnels.

Jack Plisskin
Jack curses in the darkness and follows after her. He grimaces as he comes into view. His colt shoots out in the darkness, grazing the shoulder of Lock. “The boy didn’t kill Barrel, stray. I did. And you’ll be joining him soon enough, but I want answers first.”
Victoria taken advantage of the distraction crept along the wall to get close to Lock, She can see Kentucky lay on the ground. He appears to be unconscious. Victoria pulls out a syringe and waits for her moment.

Jack Plisskin
Jack keeps talking. “So, Lock was it? You come up with that name yourself?”

Major Doctor Jimmy, Stock, Lock, comatose Texas
"Boss got new dogs huh? Nah that was the bosses idea. Guy likes irony ill give him that."

Jack Plisskin
“I ain’t one of your bosses dogs, boy. Ain’t a stray like you either. Now why don’t you tell me where it is the government had you hidden all those years while they trained you to be a soulless cuck?”
Before Lock had a chances to respond. Victoria steps out of the shadows, and embed the syringe into his neck. Injecting him with the same sleeping serum she got Jack with early. Lock yells from the pain and shock, "fucking bitch!" as he turns to punch's her. Victoria blocks it and kicks him square in the chest. Sending him flying, landing flat on his back. He starts gasping for air, from having the wind knocked out of him.

Jack Plisskin
Jack looks up at her. “You know, if you had let him answer, you could have been rid of me.”
Victoria sighed, he wasn't going to tell you anyways and besides. The reason we can't answer you that is..... We don't know. They put bags on our heads till we where in the facility. Once we where there, there was no outside contact. no windows to look out from, for all we new they had us hidden deep under the ocean floor.
Once training was done they had us moved in small groups no more then three and they returned us to our family's, if you didn't have one you where placed with one.

Jack Plisskin
Jack kicks the dirt. “Well shit. Could have saved us both a lot of trouble if you said that right from the start. Feed that one to the gator for all I care. I’m back to square one.” He turns to leave. “No matter. It exists and I’ll find it. And then I’ll drag the whole mess out into the light. You take that monster of yours and and as fast and as far as you can. Let He’ll claim you for all I care.”
Hold on your not going anywhere, with given me that package!
Victoria takes a deep breath. Look think about it, you have the key to bring this whole mess down around them. If you bail on me now, you'll never get the justices you seek.

Jack Plisskin
Jack snarls. “The hell I am giving you anything! I don’t know what noble story you have twisted up in your head, but you, the Steele’s and a host of others, you’re government bred assassins and monsters. The good people of this country bleed and starve trying to carve out a living in this land while rich bastards like Texas get to rape and murder while the government hides it all under the rug! Yeah, I kill folk, but I don’t hide behind some story of love for a freak like Texas Steele or some family honour like what old Bradly Steele would blather on about. I am sorry for what happened to your kin, but they were soldiers and so am I.”
Bradly was a paranoid sicko-path that abused and raped his son! He warped Texas brain long before the government got their hands on him. To them hes a weapon, that they created to obey and kill on on their orders. He is a victim as much as any other in this country. Tears are streaming down her face. I'm not hiding behind anything! you want to kill me for my pass crimes go ahead ill take you with me. I'll protect my family with every fiber of my being, till my last breath escapes my body. That what a mother is suppose to do. She screamed. she's pointing the gun at Jack.
I don't need you to understand my love for Texas its non of your god damn business. Just like your fucking promise to your old man.
isn't any of mine

Jack Plisskin
Jack has his gun on her, the two staring down each other’s barrels. “Your damn straight Bradly Steele is a cock sucking whore. But your Texas ain’t just a weapon. He’s a mad a dog that’ll kill just as soon as sit up and beg. It weren’t just soldiers he murdered, but innocent folk with families just like the one you promised you’d protect! Texas ain’t worth protecting. He ain’t worth any pity. Not any more. It doesn’t matter who made him what he is. What’s done is done. But I aim to make sure that someone like Texas never happens again. And you ain’t getting in my way. And after a couple hours under your tender care, I don’t see that I owe you anything. Hell the way you enjoyed it, I’d say you owe me!”
your right, he as murdered innocent people, so have I, and so have you. That doesn't give you the authority to decide who's worth saving. Shit your no different then Texas's, a dog gone mad with anger and hate killing as he goes. You have no right to preach about justices and innocents. When you can't even see who the victim is.
I don't owe you anything, you have nothing with out me. You have a fucking key, what good is it with the fucking key whole
She slowly lowers her gun, I still need your help. I can't do it with out you. I can't get my family out, with out the key.

Jack Plisskin
“That’s where your wrong. I can see damn well who the victims are. The real victims are the families who won’t see their fathers on account of Texas. The families who don’t have homes because of Bradly Steele’s back room dealings. The good people being robbed and lied to by a government that swore to protect them and instead let monsters like the man you married feed of this land and its people so they would have a dog that could kill on command and sit up and beg. Those are the victims in all this. Not you, not me and certainly not Texas Steele. And I will speak for those victims. The tree of liberty is fed by the blood of patriots, ma’am. And that is my sentence. And if I did before I can carry that sentence out then your boys died for nothing and my life isn’t worth two shits. So no, you ain’t getting that package and you and your tears and your family ain’t moving me from my course. Like I said, I am a patriot.”
they did die for nothing, and your life isn't worth shit. and your a fool blinded by rage, to stubborn to see we have the same goal. If you hadn't intervene, then all the blood would have been on my hands. You would have gotten what you wanted with out lifting a finger!

Jack Plisskin
“If you truly believe those two died for nothing, then I am deeply sorry for them. But I aim to make their deaths mean something even tho it was mean that caused it. I am to set it right. The blood was already on my hands before I even met you, ma’am. So I don’t have a choice. It’s not only on you. And to be frank, it never was. What I want only has any meaning if I do it. I ain’t going to ask you to understand but that’s how it is.”
I understand more then you give me credit for. Your not the only patriot here, but in order to win this war, you have to be just as dirty and ruthless as them. If you aren't you wont scratch the surface of the fortress.

Jack Plisskin
“I am ready to ride into Hell. But I am not going to forget what I’ve done. Nor am I ever going to make an excuse for it. Least of all to hide it behind some fool notion that I’m doing this to protect my family. You want ruthless, I’ll give you ruthless. But the one thing I won’t give you is my soul. Well.. that and the package.”
I am doing this to protect my family, but i'm not talking about Texas's, I don't want my children to become what their parents have become. Your not the only one ride into hell jack, me and Texas's are right along side you.

Jack Plisskin
“A fine happy ride into the mouth of Hell itself. I hope Lucifer has enough room.”
Victoria laugh are you kidding I'm sure he has a place with our names on it.

Jack Plisskin
Jack gives her a genuine smile. “Yeah. I reckon he has.”
Victoria drops the gun to the ground, and extends her hand, "Truces at lest till judgment day?"

Jack Plisskin
Jack holsters his colt and takes her hand. “Till judgement day.”
Victoria smiles a beautiful genuine smile, even cover dirty and grime, she truly a sight to take your breath away. As they shack on it Victoria turns to look at lock asleep on the floor. "So what do you want to do with sleeping beauty?" she asked.

Jack Plisskin
Jack shrugs and takes a moment to recover from the fact that Victoria is probably the most beautiful woman he has seen. “Feed him to gator. He’s not exactly helpful and I can’t help but think he won’t be especially of a joyful manner when he wakes up. I wasn’t. Saying of which, how many of those syringes have you got anyhow?”
"One left" she said, pulling it out to show it. He can tell its the chines concoction she give him earlier.
its the same green color as the one's from earlier

Jack Plisskin
Jack chuckles. “Well at least I won’t have to worry if I have trouble sleeping.”
She smiles and goes to check on Kentucky. He has a large bump on the head other then that, he's fine. She sacks him, "wake up Kentucky" after a few min, she pulls out a small vile from her pocket and pops the cork, she waves it under Kentucky's noise and he bolts up right hacking and coughing.
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She smiles and goes to check on Kentucky.  He has a large bump on the head other then that, he's fine.   She sacks him, "wake up Kentucky" after a few min, she pulls out a small vile from her pocket and pops the cork, she waves it under Kentucky's noise and he bolts up right hacking and coughing.
Jack arches an eyebrow. “Now that one i recognize.”
I gotta get to bed. Talk at you later
Night, thanks for the fun
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Victoria looked at Stirling Sr. With most sincerity and love hes ever seen. " I don't think i could bear losing you again after i just got you back."
He hated admitting she was right. He took a couple deep breaths trying to relax. And then out of nowhere he lashed out amd kicked the wooden footboard of the bed. Snap. He didnt break it off but he cracked the board in half. Smirking and satisfied if he wanted to he could still destroy something he sighed and calmed down. "You're right dear. I just... its frustrating being incapable of anything." He pulled her down to him so he could kiss her. "I'm not going anywhere. Hell's afraid I'll take over if i die for real."
She leans into whisper in his ear. " Besides i want a kid of my own" said playfully in his ear before returning his deeply and full of passion.
*Returns hus kiss deeply and full of love
When she whispered in his ear he growled playfully at her. "First thing i do when im better, promise." He bit her bottom lip snarling again.
Victoria gave him one of her beautiful and brilliant smiles thats what id like to hear.
He shook his head viting his lips. "The things im gonna do to you when i get these tubes out of me..." well she didnt calm him down but he wasnt angry anymore. Hed also totally forgotten about jack. Sterling sr stared into nothingness with unfocused eyes fantasizing, or maybe hallucinating. He had a cat that ate the canary grin at any rate
He crushed the ember of his cigar in his hand. He stopped what he was doing knowing that should have hurt. It only felt warm. He put his hands on victoria's hips running them up her sides feeling the fabric of her dress and the curves of her body. He grinned wolfishly letting his hands slide back to her hips. He whispered in her ear some of his fantasies. Some of the things sterling jr had read about in his father's journal. Things that would make a whore blush.
JUN 30TH, 10:56AM
Victoria was blush but not from what Stirling Sr said. Her body was retracting to his touch. It completely overwhelmed her, she gasps as a moan escapes her lips. " Darling you shouldn't tease me so... its torcher." Wined in a playful subdective manner.
"Cant help it" he bit her throat. Again with this biting thing. He had quit that before he left for japan. "Ive been longing to do this." He nipped her neck and shoulder a few more times while his hands explored her body. Like a bit in a horse's mouth he had wedged the hose in his mouth behind where he was missing teeth. Victoria remembered that mission. He got kicked in the face by a horse and lost the back three teeth. Had to have his jaw wired shut.
Stirling Jr had long left the room by this point, he knows his parents and left when his father started whispering in her ear. Victoria was completely insnared by Stirling Sr. If he could actually move she would have given herself over to him in a heartbeat. Jack cough loudly and awkwardly. Snapping Victoria to herself. She signed and very gently removed herself from Stirling. "Darling, if your not careful, im going to whined up killing you try to have sex with you. " She sighed longingly.
He bit her one last time as she got up. "Yeah but what a way to die." He kicked the footboard again breaking it off.
Well he was in an ornery mood now. His mind was racing for an outlet. "Loch and Berral went rogue?" He snarled. "Stalk has gone into hiding hmm?" Their names werent lock stock and barrel. Berral as in the element. Stalk as in hunt and loch as in lake. So code names could be mistaken enterpretations of a word too
Jack nodded. He had let his mind wander away from the room when Tex had failed to provide any useful information. “Those three are just the beginning. There’s no telling who will be coming after you now, ol Tex. Best you listen to the doctor and hasten a recovery.”
Meh, jack and sterling sr had different definitions of useful information. "Nah, stalk knows what his next job is if they went rogue." Sterling sr sat up just as the doctor was coming back in the room. The leg sterling sr had almost lost after taking a bullet for the man that would be the current president, his right leg, started to twitch and he grabbed at his thigh gasping and groaning in pain. The doctor came in sighing setting down a jar of big hard to swallow looking pills. "Always something with you. I'll fix your wagon." He pulled away the sheet to look at sterling sr's leg. It was painfully cramped up and twitching. Jack got a look at sterling sr's right calf just below the knee he had a cattle brand of the cracked liberty bell.
The doctor picked up a needle off the tray beside the bed stabbing it into sterling sr's thigh muscle and pressing in the muscle relaxant until the spasm stopped. He turned to victoria "that, crippling muscle spasms, will likely follow him the rest of his life."
Jack left the room, several thoughts swirling around his mind. Not least of which were Texas’ words regarding leaving ones humanity behind. Had Jack done that, would he have felt any remorse for killing Indiana and Oregan? The problem with leave ones humanity behind at home was what if you didn’t have a home to go back to? What if you never found your way home again? Was that what was happening to Tex? Was he losing his way home after so long?
Without knowing it, jack knew the source of so many of sterling sr's fears. Deep down they were the same as his own. More alike than they cared to admit. "Alright, the tube in your mouth can come out. So can the ones in your nose. If you have even the slightest trouble breathing, they all go back in. The rest of the tubes STAY IN! AND YOU WILL take these pills EVERY HALF HOUR. UNDERSTAND?!" the doctor shouted authoritatively. Sterling sr god damn well grinned and laughed "hell yea lets do this!" "Psychopath." The doctor muttered. "Lay down." Sterling sr immediately compiled.
Jack listened idly to the doctors orders given in a tone and matter more befitting a cavalry sergeant and ol Tex’s eagerness to swallow any and all medications put in front of him. That much was at least different from his father. Robert Plisskin refused any drugs. He wouldn’t even take whiskey to dull the pain. His final days he held Jack as tightly as he could be smiling at his boy like he was the most treasured thing in the union. Then he quietly went away, the tears staining his cheeks belonging to Jack and not his father. The young Plisskin shook his head. Why would memories of his father stir now or all times? Then it came to him. If Jack Plisskin had truly been apart of that den of strays, then it was Robert Plisskin who pulled him from it. Robert Plisskin must have known where to find Jack. Jack stood bolt upright and thought, hard. The last of Yager’s Mounted Rifles were buried miles from her and keeping watch over the package. But there was another possibility... An old records depository his father had told him about where his last will and testament had been laid to rest should Jack and his mother ever have need. It might be there. It was a long shot but if Robert Plisskin left anything concerning his rescue of Jack...
Jack stopped short of bolting for Wilson. Should he tell Texas? Would he understand were Jack was going and why? Would that matter? Texas could say he had hired Jack all he wanted, truth was Jack was here cause he need Texas more or less alive. But what about Victoria? Jack grimaced. Maybe Tex could do without knowing the details. But he owed it to Victoria to let her know. He knocked on their room. “Miss Steele, it’s Jack. Need to have a work with you, ma’am.”
"Go. Im actually going to try sedating him before i take these tubes out." Time for another dose of ketamine. Lucky bugger was going to sleep and wake up without tubes in his face.. in a few hours. He would be unconscious for a while
Victoria looked at jack confused for a sec. She had completely forgotten that jack was there. She smiled a big beautiful smile. She was in a very good mood now. Of course, She said cheerfully. She gave Stirling a big kiss, see you in a few hour handsome. Then she got up and followed jack out the door. "We should get food. Im starved" recall that she didn't eat the breakfast she orders yesterday.
Im crashing for a nap before work))
Okay dokey
Jack turns to Victoria. “A few days hard ride there’s a town with an out of the way bank. It’s a long shot but my father kept his last will and testament there. If ol Tex is right about me, then it was my father who pulled me from the den. He must have known where to find me. Maybe he left something behind. A clue. A map. An address. Hell I would settle for a sack of saucy French pictorials at this point.”
Sigh, you want to go check it out? It could be a trap. And if you find something then what? Have you thought about what to do with it?
“Have you thought what your going to do with him?” Jack jerks his head towards Texas’ room.
Assuming we live through this war? Fuck him, have kids maybe spoil our grandkids if we leave long enough. Why?
What dose that have to do with rushing into something with out a plan?
JUN 30TH, 6:35PM
While victoria and jack were out for lunch the doctor worked on sterling sr. When they came back sterling sr was sleeping peacefully on his chest like he preferred. He was smiling too. He very rarely smiled while he slept. Especially when he slept alone.
“There’s a how lot of it in there, ma’am. If he survives, if you survive, if the war ends... This ain’t a sure thing either, but like you, I have my motivations. And I’ll aim to follow through on them. You made a promise to ol Tex. I made a similar plan.”
“Sleeping like a baby,” Jack muttered. “I’ll be gone a few days at most. If you don’t hear from me in a week, assume the worst.” He turns to leave.
Jeez do you ever just speak plainly? And please dont call him tex, hes real name is stirling please call him that. Look before you just go running off again. I think you need to see something first. She takes him down the hall from the hospital. Literally 5min doors down. She open the door. Jack you have know clue who your enemies is, and what i mean by that is you have know clue how they think.
You should never underestimate a foe you don't know, she walks over to a wall of small doors in it. She takes a moment to look at them before opening two of them pulling over trays with something large on them. She pulls the sheets off of them showing two dead young men. Remember these guys, where your enemies right?
Why where they your enemie? Simply because they have something you wanted? Or they simply in the way. Had you taken the time to understand them. You could have seen a different way to deal with them, maybe you where set up? To become my familys enemie. For all you know your still a puppet on string. Being pulled by the people you hate most.
You need stop and think jack or you going to simply die for no reason just like these two. Or worse, your going to lose yourself, your purpose and everything you hold dear. Thats how they win, that's how they destroy you and control you. She started to cry as she stared at Indiana and Oregon. If you die jack, they lost their lives for no reason and... I just can't expect that.
So please just wait... Just give me a little time. I'll find a real lead something that wilm guve us a step forward. Instead of two steps back.
Jack shakes his head. “Even if I am a puppet, if I pull hard enough at these strings I might get a glance at who ever is at the end of them. Besides, I figure it’s only a matter of time before they come for me. Well I ain’t keen on waiting. If they’re going to send a killer my way I’d rather meet him head on and remind these bastards that some folk still believe in the ideals this country was founded on. I want a piece of them, bloody their nose a bit and make some head way with all of this.” He turns away. “I’ll give it a few nights to think it over. But I hate all this sitting around and playing nurse maid.”
Victoria wipes the tears from her face. She looks at Jack her blue eyes glisten from the tears. "You don't need to pull jack. I'm going to cut your cords!" said as determination oozed from her. I'm going to show you the enemy face and give the ammo to take them down. I swear it on my judgement day!
Jack shakes his head and takes her hand. “We made a deal, remember? We’re taking them down together.” He gets a little self conscious and let’s go, turning away. Best you wipe those tears before your husband wakes up.”
Victoria give Jack a genuine smile of gratitude. She dried her tears from her face. An air of renude confidents
She said good by to Indiana and organ she apologized for not looking after them better. Then she closed the doors. How about lunch and well compare notes. Just because your hanging around her doesn't mean their isn't work to do.
Jack nodded. “It’s not exactly the work I am used to, but it will keep my mind occupied.”
"Oh yes this will definitely keep you busy" she said given him another gorgeous smile. They went back to the hotel. they made their way to Victoria's room. There on her desk where boxes and boxes and boxes of papers. "These are all the documents that i could scrounge up on the liberty project. There is hundreds of names of spy's where they work how they work, their bios habits all of it. Anything that related to the project, i took. Since you read the package, I'll need to pick your brain to know whats going to be useful in here and what isn't. You see Stirling was there biggest success. There going to try and make more if we haven't started already. So it will be a good place to start looking anyway.
“Quiet the success story,” Jack grimaces.
lol well except that Stirling has a mind of his own. He worked very hard to make them think other wise.
Jack shrugged. “You would know better than I. The sooner we put a stop to these bastards, the better. I mean no offence but one Texas Sterling is more than enough for the union.”
Sigh his name isn't Texas. Please don't call him that it may set him off... or worse.
“That right?” Jack shrugs his shoulders. “I think it hits him better than Sterling.”
By now, the people pf atlanta were starting to talk. They had seen victoria going around town with a younger more able bodied man while her husband laid in a coma. Rumors were starting to whisper as they passed. Well jack could go ahead and keep calling him texas, but he would regret it if texas woke up. Right now, Sterling sr was comfortable and content as himself for a change. Nobody in the family wanted to jeopardize that.
Victoria didn't care, she had a goal. Between Jack and Stirling Sr. There was hope, and she intended to run as far and as fast with that sliver and she could. She enjoyed Jacks company, it made slaving away over papers way more bearable and if they weren't doing that they where at the hospital. She hoped that this cool down time would teach jack some disciple, running on impulses will only get you so fare in this deadly game they play.
"So, is anything ringing a bell for you?" she asked as they pored over papers that evening.
Jack points to a few names, places he recognizes from mission reports. “While I was busy helping folk across and up and down the union, a deeper dark had settled in. Makes me sick to think of the war. All that suffering for nothing.”
It depends on which war you look at. The one's that good people soldiers die on battle fields for. People do it because its for their country, but that war isn't real. Its a ploy to take advantage of the masses they are victims, if we fail to win the real war. They die for their country, we endure for the people of the country.
Jack leans back. Deep in thought. He’s cooled down quiet a bit from the morning.
There could be other answers in sterling sr's office at the fort nearby. He was a colonel and had access to files victoria didnt. But if sterling sent a telegraph to have them sent to the hospital, well, who was going to begrudge an old war dog trying to keep busy with paperwork while he was laid up. There was a knock on the hotel room door. Basil, the butler, with baby alice in his arms and sterling jr and texas standing behind him. "Mrs. Steele, the children wish to visit their father. Do you object?"
"No not all" a brack sounds like a good idea. What you think Jack? I want to ask Stirling about some work he had at his office. It might have better info that what I've managed to scrounge up.
Jack shrugs. He looks pretty tired himself. Likely hasn’t slept well in days.
Texas, a ten year old, brightened up at the mention that they could go see Sterling sr. "He's awake?!" Cute kid but bow legged. Still it was cute how he got excited. He hadnt gotten to see his dad since the battle.
Victoria beamed at jack, "I think that Stirling Sr. Is going to have something for us. I have a good feeling about" "Come on the fresh air will do you good." Maybe we can figure out a way to get you to relax so you can get some sleep" Victoria and was very optimistic. She dose look pretty when she smiled.
Jack is trying hard not to notice that.
Texas did that funny happy chicken dance of his because he was excited. "Can i hug you?" He turned to his brother, worried for a second "is it ok to hug her?" He wrapped his arms around victoria. "Thank you..." he hesitated looking up at her "mom. You're still going to let me call you that, right?" He took off down the hall towards the stairs. He stumbled and tripped because of how twisted his hips were and tumbled down the stairs to the first landing he came to. He screamed when he hit the landing. Didnt cry, just screamed and cursed and kicked and threw a tantrum. Like father like son.
Stirling Jr looked at his brother. "Of course you can hug her, she your mothe. Father always said "it doesn't matter the woman that gave birth to yah, the woman i married is your mother." Stirling Jr gave Texas a big smile. Victoria was poured of Stirling Jr. He was turning into a fine man. Stirling Jr chased after Texas and helped him up. Victoria took Alice from basil. The four of them made beautiful picture of a loving family. You never guess that not a single one of those four where blood. It made you think, that maybe true family, wasn't blood but simply loving each other.
They made there way to the hospital, Jr and Texas talked the whole way their. Alice fell asleep. The boys bolted in the room as the rest of the party made there way in. "How are you feeling darling?" asked Victoria as she walked over and gave him a big kiss, before laying Alice on the cot to sleep.
There had been guards every few feet coming into the hospital. There had been half a dozen soldiers at the door alone. There were six in the hall outside sterling senior's room. Inside, sterling senior was sitting up drinking coffee with none other than the president of the united states. Benjamin Harrison. He grinned when his boys came in the room. "Hey gorgeous. "Happy as can be all considered." The same nurse from before was helping sterling sr to drink his coffee as he spoke to the president. They were actually reminiscing about the party sterling sr took a bullet for him at.
Victoria smiled brightly. "Well that explains the security. I had wonder who had come to visit." Victoria was really excited to see him, this was more then she could hope for when he woke up. She was so warped up in her thoughts of Stirling Sr that she had forgotten all about the president. "Oh my manners", She turn to the president, "Its nice to see you again Mr President. Thank you for visiting my husband." She turned to Stirling Jr and Texas. " Boys say hello".
"Quite all right. Colonel steele never fails to impress with his constitution. "But for all the good he does this country bringing in the straggling war criminals from the civil war or brokering peace deals from a jail cell in japan, he's too valuable a man to loose on a battlefield. Im trying to convince him to join my war council. General steele?" Sterling sr shuddered "i like the ring to it. Aint been a general in the family since my granddad. But with all due respect sir, i was born and bred for the spy game."
Texas sheepishly waved hello "hello Sir."
Stirling smiled "Nice to meet you sir"
SUN 11:25AM
Sterling sr waved over his boys to come closer. "C'mere." He wrapped his arms around texas pulling him into his lap. He groaned in pain from the effort of picking up his son. That was not supposed to hurt. "Lemme get a look at you. You must be texas. Victoria told me you belong on a horse. Shes right. You're made for the cavalry." He chuckled kissing his son texas' head and patting the bed for sterling junior to come sit beside him. "Mr. President, all due respect, the credit to my recovery belongs to my doctor. He's broken all the rules of proceedings in the name of experimental therapy and it's been working." The president nodded "credit where credit is due. Thank you doctor, who knows, you may have come up with a new standard for lead poisoning treatment." Major doctor james, jimmy as sterling sr called him, nodded "perhaps though there would need to be some fine tuning. Which reminds me. Time for your medication." He put one of those big capsules in a little paper cup with a glass of water beside it. He didnt have any dexterity back yet. He couldnt handle small things or glasses in his hands yet. The nurse helped him to swallow the pill and then helped him to drink the glass of water. She noticed the stiffness in his neck and started to rub a spot behind his ear where the neck joined the head. Sterling sr moaned leaning towards the touch. "Oh god. Yea. Ughhhh lower" her fingers moved lower and sterling sr twisted his shoulders and back moaning. He was stiff and in a lot of pain from knots developing in his muscles. Stiff from inactivity. "Sterling, your talents are wasted in the field. To say nothing of if you'll walk again. A position in the intellagence branch would at least allow you to work from home. Tell me you'll consider it." Sterling sr leaned back against the headboard when the nurse was done rubbing his neck. "I hadnt considered that id never walk again. Hadnt considered i wont be able to ride." Sterling sr closed his eyes. You could tell he was really trying to think about something. "Never occurred to me the rest of my life might be no more than this." The nurse left the room and came back with a jar of that thick green sludge the hospital was pretending to call food. She screwed it in hoping the patients mood would improve if he didnt have an empty stomach.
Victoria scolded at the nurse, as she watched her massage Stirling Sr. By the time the nurse had left the room, Victoria hand had started to bleed from her squeeze ing so tightly.
Jack arched an eyebrow and discreetly hand her a clean cloth. “Your feelings do you credit ma’am. But only if you can keep them in check.”
Victoria blushed and bite her bottom lips. His right, what's going on with me? She's just doing her job.... she didn't have look like she was enjoying it so much.... Victoria thought to herself. Shame, confusion, where plastered all over her face. She was having a hard time with her emotions.
Sterling sr felt himself slip again for the first time in he couldnt remember. He really was useless now. He looked to victoria. Surely that smile of hers would convince him otherwise. But she wasnt smiling. She was clenching her fist. Worse he saw jack whisper something to his wife. He shook his head sitting up again as best he could. The president knew when to take his cue. He patted sterling sr on the shoulder, pinning the generals medal and star on his jacket. "Promise me you'll consider it, General Steele." Sterling nodded "thank you mr. President. It's been an honor to have you visit."
Victoria sighed, she turned to Stirling Sr. Im sorry i behaves so poorly dear. Victoria face was red from embarrassment. I.... I just... her sentence was cut off as the nurse returns to the room. Victoria turned in shame. "Excuse me" she said as she rushed out of the room.
When victoria ran out of the room sterling sr held his boys closer. "What did i do to make your mom angry this time?" He whispered to his sons. What was she talking about her behaving poorly? She was just standing there. He shook his head confused, and worried now. What was she going to do? What was going to be his punishment? Maybe this was because he didnt immediately say yes to the job? "Jack!" Sterling snapped. "Would you run down the hall and tell the president I'll accept his offer?"
Jack turned to Sterling Sr. “You had best get some more rest. I’ll check on you a little later.” He follows Victoria out, calling to her and shaking his head. “Now ain’t the time to be letting jealousy get the best of you, ma’am. We need our heads clear.”
Stirling Jr looked at his father. "She's not angry with father. She jeoluse of your nurse" She's been that way ever sinces the lady shaved you before yiu woke up."
Victoria was just down the hall tears streaming down her face. She was upset she didn't even notices jack.
Texas volunteers ill take yiu message daddy if you don't mind. He said pleadingly he just want to do something anything for his father.
He kneels down next to her, producing a handkerchief. “Come on now, ma’am. This ain’t the time to be going to pieces on me. We got a job to do.”
He’s at a loss with how to deal with the situation
His mother never cried like this. Not even when his father had died.
Victoria barred her face into jacks chest as she said Started to sobbing. Victoria had gotten all twisted up and just need the emotions run there course.
After a few moments she settled down and stop crying. "I'm sorry" she sniffle. As she pulled way from jack.
When texas volenteered he let his son go. "Alright. Good lad. Thank you." He messed up his son's hair before letting him go. Chuckling how he ran. He held sterling junior swaying and rocking while he quietly thought. Junior knew dad was on the edge of a meltdown barely holding it together. He looked up at the doctor lost and confused what to do to fix it. "Doc, id appreciate if there werent any other staff but you in here. I... i cant afford to jeopardize my marraige because i appreciate someone just doin their job."
Jack his grateful Victoria can’t see his face redden. He slowly, gingerly puts his arms around her. “It’s alright,” he whispers. “I will be here. I will keep to my oath. And we will see through this.”
They walked back to the room. Victoria over heard what Stirling Sr. "No" she cried. "Please don't do that hes only getting better so quickly because of you and your staff." Don't let an old woman's jealous get in the way of his treatment.
Jack gives her a quizzical look. “I’d hardly call you “old” ma’am.”
She chuckled im only a couple years younger then my husband. Though it doesn't look that way so I've been told.
“Well that’s hardly old. I’m only just into my twenties. Lord willing I’ll live to see the end of them too.”
Jimmy shook his head "look, hes teetering on the edge of an episode and i dont know what kind of consiquences a meltdown could have in his fragile mental state. Victoria you need to take a minute and explain yourself to him. The two of you need to learn to talk to eachother instead of running off assumtions based on surface observations."
Jack bowed his head. “May haps it would be best if I take my leave. I’m sure Wilson could use some company.”
Can.. can you just wait outside for now. There is something i want the three of us to take about.
“Alright. I’ll be outside if you need anything.”
She turned to Stirling Sr. Im sorry dear, im not mad at you im ashamed of my self for the way i feel. You didn't do anything wrong.
The doctor guided the boys out of the room after texas came back from telling the president he would take the job. "Your mom and dad need to talk."
Texas look disappointed "but we just got here"
Sterling sr flinched when she spoke to him. "What do you mean? How do you feel? I dont understand why you're so angry." His voice had a high whine to it like a dog being beaten. The doctor cringed hearing the pitch in sterling sr's voice change. "I know but your dad is having a rough day. They just need a few minutes to talk then you can go back in."
She was taken a back by the tune of Texas. Im jealous of yiur nurse. She can help you in ways i can't.... and i hate it i wish i ciuld be the one to take care of you. Tears started to fall down Victoria face. Im sorry to have disappointed you.
Stirling sr not Texas typo
"What do you mean ways you cant? She's just doing what i cant do for myself." When she started crying he flinched again "what are you doing? What do you mean disappoint me? You've never played nurse. I had to almost die for you to want to even kiss me." He was getting upset, and everything was falling apart again. Details and orders of things how they happened started getting jumbled. "I dont underatand what your problem is." His voice cracked and it was back to the whine. "What do you mean you cant take care of me? You hate it."
That's not true, I want to take care of you. I want to be a better wife then before. I love you. please don't push me away im sorry.
Victoria was getting really upset, I had know idea how much resentment you had towards me.. tears where flowing now.
"Push you away? Ive been chasing you my whole life. No matter what i do its not enough. I never resented you. Just, that i didnt make you happy." He reached for her, he missed her hand and stroked her arm. Trying again he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap holding her tight, starting to rock again. "I can hardly see, im weak as shit. I fuckin hurt myself picking up tex. Im completely useless on my own. I wish you were the one playing nurse, but truth is you're so much more capable. Thought i wanted a cute submissive housewife. I dont. I want you. All your temper and jealousy and tenacity. Thats why i love you." He put his head on her shoulder. "Im pathetic arent i?"
She barred herself in Stirling when he pulled her towards him. Your not pathetic at all, she said. Your amazing, no man could be more perfect for me then you. She looked at Stirling, No man could survive the ordeals that you have if you weren't strong. if you where normal, you would have die and left me... I"m grateful for your strength.
She leaned in and kissed him deeply and longingly. "Your not upset with me by the way I acted.?"
He kissed her and held her against his chest stroking her hair. "Upset? No. Im touched. I didnt think you cared enough to get upset about other women being near me." He hugged her tightly. "I just need my ego stroked a little once in a while. Thats all i really need from you."
I'll will say that nurse is right about one thing. I'm a very lucky woman she smiled a big beautiful smile
He kissed her forehead "luck had nothing to do with it. Was a lot of effort and jockying for rank on my part. Our mates were chosen based on our performance reviews."
I know she said. I'm lucky because you picked me.
and that you work so hard to make sure we be together, "oh I have something i brought for you." She got up and went over to a bag basil had brought in and pulled out a blanket and Stirling house coat. "I know how you hate to be cold so I had these brought from the house" She smiled at him as she put the blanket over him.
as she went to hang the house coat close to Stirling a envelop fell out of the house coat pocket. She picked it up and give it to Stirling Sr, this fell out.
When she put the blanket over him he kissed his temple. "Thank you darlin. This hospital is freezing." When she handed him the letter he looked it over seeing if he remembered it. Running his fingers over the ink trying to feel the lettering. He handed it back to her. "Wasnt kidding im half blind. All i can really see are shapes and colours. Could you read it to me?"
Of course dear I'll see if i can get jack to find a lamp its starting to get dark. This light not very good to read. She walks to the door and told jack to find a lamb, when he returns she opened the letter
In the meantime the boys were allowed back into the room. Tex climbed up on the bed next to his dad hugging him "i miss my brother austin. You're exactly the kind of dad he always said you probably were." Sterling sr sighed as his son tex started to sniffle. "C'mon. They're gonna hang the general responsible for all the violence at the house. I know you'll miss austin but I've been promising my boy sterling he'd have siblings one day since the day he was born."
SUN 5:09PM
Victoria, opened the envelop in side was a stack of papers, she unfolded the papers.
Dear, Mr Colonel Steele

We have enclosed the following registration forms for, Streling Texas Steele age 11. Austin James McAllister age 10.
Texas Francis McAllister age 10. This is also a reminder that Streling's application is 2 years over due. If failed to
responed to this letter, a representative of the school will contact you in person.

sincerely Magor John Graves Stanton
Victoria's face was white by the end of the letter.
SUN 6:24PM
Jack glides softly into the room as Victoria finishes the Letter. He can read the right expression on her face and knows some is up. Deftly he lights a lamp and quickly scans the letter. When he finishes his face is tight. As much as he wanted to collect his fathers last will and testament, it would have to wait. “So...” he says slowly, drawing lines throughout his mind and the map of the union he kept there, calculating how much time they had. “So they are coming for you after all.”
Sterling sr shook his head "nope, they are coming to take the boys to school. To train them to be like victoria and i. Your father, my father, victoria's father all recieved a letter like that when we turned ten."
He sighed turning to his eldest son who was turning 12 in a few weeks. "So, why didn't you go to school?" He looked worried. But hopeful. Dad definitly wanted an answer.
“That right...” his mind is turning faster and faster. “So first comes the letter, then comes the wagon... and where does the wagon take them?”
He groaned rubbing his eyes frustrated and exhausted "they move. You stay in different academies across the country until you graduate."
Sterling Jr. Spoke plainly. " once you go in you in for ever and i want to be home for when you came home."
Jack grinned. “Clever. That way if one gets found, they can shut it down fast and still have the others. But all of them were found out... should your query go to ground, leave no ground for it to go.”
"The representative will arrive any day for sure. The date on this was two weeks ago." Victoria said grimly
"Jack, shut up. You are here by a third party advisor to an internal corruption investigation and you will be allowed to voice your opinion but you will hold yourself in check. The balance of the country is in every move from here out." Sterling sr leaned forward holding his sons. "We are going to have to have a family meeting. We're going to talk about if you boys want to get involved. You got a taste of what my life is like every day earlier this week. Do you want to do it again?" He smiled at them. "Want to be a spy for your dad?"
Sterling Jr, sat quite for a few minutes before speaking. "I want to protect our family, i don't care who they are friend or foe. If i have to go to do that.... then ill do it."
Jack’s eyes narrowed. “Mind your tone with me, old man. I ain’t your dog like Loch or Barrel. Best you keep that in mind next time you want a favour. But I’ll do this dirty work if only because i have a stake in it too.”
"My tone is because you're giving me a headache and I'm trying to protect the decent folk who are trying to protect this country. I understand you're pissed about this. But the majority of the spies i work with are decent people like you who want to uphold the constitution."
Jack nods slowly. “Just remember that next time your head starts bothering you.” He hands him a glass of water.
Victoria takes the glass and helps Sterling Sr with it.
What about you Texas's? What do you want to do. If you have any questions now's the time to ask.
Sterling sr smiled when victoria helped him to drink. "Thank you darlin. I appreciate it." He opened and closed his hands flexing them "cant feel much...hard to tell im holding something." Texas looked to his brother sterling jr. "So our whole family are spies? If you think i can sure. I mean, you'll look out for me right?" Sterling sr patted his sons head "absolutely. I dont intend to repeat my father's mistakes."
Sterling Jr smiled at his younger brother "of course i said I'd protected the family your part of the family. "
SUN 10:07PM
Victoria smiled sadly, "well i guess that's decided then" I hope we get to celebrate Jr birthday before you boy's go.
Sterling sr patted his eldest son on the back. "Im proud of you both for this. Its no small thing I'm asking. This program, and the other programs associated with it are why i am the way i am." When victora mentioned sterling jr's birthday he sighed "always somethin screwing up our parties huh?" Yea they were supposed to have a welcome home party for sterling sr. So much for that. "I need my journals and the family bible from the house." He said looking to victoria.
Sterling produced both "mom didn't have them, i took them"
I hope your not mad
SUN 11:54PM
Sterling sr took them both back from his son. "Beautiful.... im kinda curious what you were doing looking under mine and your mothers mattress but I'm pretty sure you got your punishment the mentally scarring stuff i wrote."
Sterling sr looked to victoria and jack. "You wont be allowed access to everything in here, and what you can read will change as the situation deems fit."
"But these books are my brains. Everything in them is in my head and vic versa." This personality was much more eloquent with words than the texas personality.
MON 12:52PM
His head was spinning. He flailed his arms a bit trying to catch his balance, putting one hand on the wall flat. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe. Victoria should remember him doing that, usually shitface drunk, trying to ground himself and maintain his equilibrium. "Jack, Sterling, Texas, I need the three of you to write out lists. Inventory lists of what you think you will need to be able to perform in the field." He reached into his uniform jacket and pulled out the family bible. He handed victoria a business card. "My tailor, get him to make some outfits for them with hidden pockets. A gun holster or a knife wouldnt hurt either." He still kept his other hand on the wall to maintain that grounding. He flipped through pages till he came to an insert. He took it out and unfolded a map of their plantation property. "Victoria, you'll have to mark what kind of status all of this shit is in." If jack looked at the map he would see marks for things like landmines along the property except where people walked. Actually there were all kinds of traps in the fields and the orchards. "And i want a damage report of the houses. I do recall something of the nature of 8 kegs of powder and 4 of whiskey, and oh.... pfffffftttt I'm going to guess eight thousand rounds of ammunition? Sweetie?" Uh yea. I think the explosion was something like that.
MON 3:44PM
Jack takes it all in. Half dreading the prospect of becoming a spy. He’s a hunter, even an assassin. But a spy? Lying never came naturally to Jack. A lesson taught to him, in none to gentle a fashion, by Victoria when they first met. Being a spy was alien to him. He could have clung to the shadows, tracked and hunted this representative, followed him from one end of the union to the other. But this? This was something far and away different entirely. Still, a lead was a lead. And if it meant Jack was going to be someone else for a time, so be it.
Victoria quickly helped Sterling Sr gain his balance, "Easy darling, don't get to carried away she said. I need you to relax. She lends in and whispered in his ear. " The doctor gave us permission, to have some fun later, but only if you get some rest." She smiled seductively as she kissed his neck. She got up to adjust Sterling Sr pillow. She noticed jacks expressions. "I wouldn't worry so much Jack, you have some if the top people in the country to help you, and besides you more qualified then you think, you just need some fine tuning. " she said as she massage Sterling Sr neck and shoulders. She looked at her boys "you two need to get some sleep tomorrow, is going to be a big day. You too Jack you haven't been sleeping well you should gets some rest. I'm going to be running you guys through the ringer tomorrow." She said. Turn her attention back to her husband " how about a bath dear, I'll help you" she said playfully as she kissed him.
Sterling sr moaned into victoria's touch "yeah? Great." He was putty in victoria's hands he had been craving this kind of attention from her forever. "You're also young enough to pass for my brother Indiana. He'll be graduating from the program this year." Well that was a cruel twist of irony and fate.
Jack could see a looks of sadness on Victoria's face at the mention of Indiana but only for a moment. She turned to jack smiling "would you please take the boys home. I would like some privacy with my husband. Oh and the doctor of course" she sneared at him, "care to watch doc?"
All the play between Victoria and Sterling made Jack feel a little ill. The back hand of irony didn’t help matters either. He excused himself. Sleep was the last thing on his mind as he made his way out of the hospital. He felt hot, almost trapped. He wanted to fight, to hurt something. Most of all, he wanted to be on the road again, tracking down this representative and his school so he could burn it down and all the others. Jack shook his head. He turned to the boys at his side. “I’ll take you home then I’m going to get in some riding and shooting. Helps clear my head...” he patted the scoped rifle saddled to Wilson. “And it never hurts to hone your skills.”
The doctor remained seated where he was, writing notes. "Thank you mrs. Steele, dont mind if i do. Someone should be supervising your husbands condition."
Texas looked up at jack "nuh uh. You should let us come with. We can ride." He looked to his brother sterling junior "right?"
Sterling Jr pipped up " i know a good place to practice and i want to challenge you to a shoot off. Who ever hits the most targets wins!"
Texas laughed "hey yea! That asshole general taught me to shoot. I can take an eye out of a photo."
Jack arched an eyebrow. “You gotta be kidding me...” he saddled up Wilson. “Let me guess, if I don’t take you, the two of you will make sure my life is a living hell for the rest of the time I’m here?”
Texas shrugged "wpuldnt be our dad's sons if we didnt."
Jack muttered a curse under his breath. “Alright, alright. Let’s see this range of yours.”
Besides if where going to work together its best to assets each others skills.
“Speaking or skills,” Jack turned to them. “What manner of guns have you shot?”
Sterling raddles of an extensive list everything form rifles pistol machine guns cannabis to snipers.
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Jack arched an eyebrow. “That right? Some of those guns are bigger than you. How’d you manage not to blow your arm off?”
Texas laughed again "thats just in the last few weeks. We had a war on the front lawn."
“Figures,” Jack replied. “You boys ever play hide and seek?”
Sterling Jr tells jack the story of the battle of homestead as he likes to call it.
Sure when we we're three.
Jack grins. “How about we play a game of it now?” At the range, Jack sets up a bottle out in the open. “You boys cover your eyes and give me a ten count. If you can find me before I shoot this bottle, you win.”
Texas shook his head "nah. I was always kinda sickly so i didnt play outside much. Or out of bed. I like the sound of that game though."
Sterling sr wasnt gonna make the doctor leave. He was the one who knew how to make all these machines keep him alive. He let victoria undress him shuddering when the cool air touched his skin. He was hot and excited. "We havent done this since the night you gave me your virginity."
Sterling Jr grins "I like a challenge" they do as he ask with in second jack could feel a pat on his shoulder. "Found you, don't go easy on us next time" he goes back to the start for another round "
Victoria smiled i guess you forgot about the time i fixed your leg" as she undressed herself to her under garments. And took the warm wet cloth and slowly and tenderly washed sterling sr. Caressing and fondling as she went
Tex was actually the useless one at this game. He wasnt very fast so he had a hard time catching up to jack.
"My leg?" He looked down at himself seeing the paler skin on his leg from a horrible gunshot wound. "When kentucky fucked up..." he got distracted looking at victoria undressing. "That's new. I like the colour." It was dark enough he could see it against her skin. He had to touch it, feel what the fabric was made of. He couldnt see, so he looked at her body like a blind man. The doctor swallowed hard. He hadnt excpected victoria to be serious about him watching but, since she was, he was going to appreciate it as well. Not that he would act unprofessionally.
Sterling walks over to Texas and whispers something in his ear. The both had a grin on there face. They started the next round but when jack turn to shoot at the target it was gone. Confused for only a moments Texas tapped jack on the shoulder with a beer a bottle " got ya" he said with excitement. "
As the boys counted, Jack slipped into the grass like a snake and weaved his way through the brush and foliage. He moved away from the boys. “Fine, I won’t go easy on you.” As the boys finished and looked up, Jack was no where to be seen. Just as they picked up his trail, there was a crack of gun fire and the bottle shatter. The boys whirled around, trying to pin point the shot. But before they could, another shot echoed out and splintered a second bottle. Jr balked. “How could he reload so quick?” From atop a hill some distance away, Jack got to his feet and walked down to meet the boys. “You did make me promise not to go easy on you.” He spared a glance to the broken bottles. “Neat trick, huh?” He unslung his rifle. “Let me show you how I did it. This is a 1881 Marlin lever action. She ain’t a muzzle loader. Now the barrel’s been refitted to fire these,” he holds up two different rounds. A 45 and a 70 rifled bullet. They fly straight and true and much further than you’d think. And if you look through this,” he holds the scope up for Junior. “Just like the pirates of old. Rifles like this one are changing the battle field. But firing a sniper rifle and being a sniper are two different things. The wind, the terrain, the way your body moves as you breath, the way the bullet trails down after so far, all these have to be on your mind as you line up the perfect shot.”
The boys where impressed after about an hour the boys looked at jack time to switch? We hid you seek.
Jack nods. “Yeah, alright. You two are the smallest query I’ve ever had to hunt.”
He covered his eyes and began to count, noting that little Tex stepped a might heavier and breathed a little harder than his brother.
Sterling whispers something to Texas. Texas jump on sterling back and they disappeared. Sterling is a great tactics. It wasn't nearly as easy to find the boys as he thought. And just as he found one he hear a crack and the bottle was destroy.
Victoria smiled, Really? She moved closer for him to touch. It was soft to the touch but it breathed nicely. She fondled him some more, she smiled as she thought he's not going to need my Chinese medicine. Doctor could remove the tube she said as she removes her under garments to let sterling sr play with her.
“Not bad,” Jack grins. “Try again. This time, I won’t be playing nice.” Jack had picked up on Junior’s movements and how the grass rustled beneath his feet. Kid was like a Jack rabbit, the way he bounded about. Finding him was tricky, but not impossible. This time, instead of catching up to him, Jack waited behind him and watched the boy shoot. Damn good and some real talent. But a little stiff. As the shot rang out, Jack squatted down next to junior. “You’re pretty good, but it looks like you’re used to smaller arms. The way your arm jerks just before you fire, that’s a trick used with revolvers to take some of the kick back. But rifles...” Jack gently leans down. “Take the hit of the rifle in your shoulder and let it kick out the back end. It ain’t a horse so it won’t kick you too far. Now, when you line up your shot, don’t tense up. Relax. Breath nice and slow. And just before you squeeze that trigger, hold your breath in..” The second round lands a clear bull’s eye with ease. “I’ll make a sniper out of you yet,” Jack grins.
As he explained he received he wasn't taken to jr. It was Texas, " thanks for the tip, but the games not iver till you find Sterling." He grinned. Suddenly Jr was behind jack he was using his fingers as a gun. "Got you jack" he said calmly and cool.
As they take a break from hide and seek, Jack pulls out a note book filled with sketches and technical drawings of rifles from all over the union. “See this one is the first bolt action rifle that we no off, and it can out shoot even the best of the muzzle loaders. But it’s a Russian model. I’ll give the Russians this much, they know how to make a good rifle. Our first bolt action is the Green. Problem is, she ain’t rifled for these kinds of cartridges. So the range and reload you get with a bolt action is kinda moot if you have to get close. Now if you ain’t worried about being found and you need range, the Springfield is your best bet. Probably the only muzzle loader I’ll still touch. The trick is finding a way to but the bolt action into something like the Springfield. Do that, and you’ll have a rifle that’ll win you any war. But for now,” he pats the Marlin 1881. “These lever actions give you speed over your competitors and the Marlin here can shoot the rifled 45. You can’t ask for much better.”
Which was good because uncle indiana had been a sniper. He was the quiet one that hardly ever spoke. But he was the first to follow their older brother sterling's orders. Not really a spy but a magnificent soldier. But the harvest air was dry and dusty. Texas started having breathing trouble after a couple of hours of playing in the fields. From the pneumonia that almost killed him.
The doctor cleared his throat "yes. Of course." Doctor jimmy gently took hold of sterling sr's member slowly pulling out the catheter tube so as not to cause damage. Sterling sr gasped and he grabbed victoria by the hips "ah" he whinced in pain when it finally came out. His nails were getting long, hed accidentally dug them into victoria's skin. "Jesus christ that is not going back in."
As jack explained, Sterling Jr had little tips here and there to toss in. Sterling Jr skills where impressive, if there was a one on one mach between him and Jack it be close as to who the victor would be.
Victoria smiled "here darling ill kiss it better" as she lend over and took him into her mouth and began to suck.
Jack grinned but a dark thought crept into his mind. In the wrongs hands, junior would become just another monster. A solider who killed without question or hesitation. These were the kind of kids raised by the Steele’s. The legacy of Stirling. Not a child who could ride without fear into the future, but one who would burn it all to the ground if the wrong idea entered his mind. A child who could kill. A weapon disguised as human flesh. Jack remembered the reports on Sterling the elder. The legacy of Bradley Steele and the government that ruled them was children who could show no remorse on the battlefield. “What say we head back?” He asked as the sun set. “I suspect your brother could use a rest. So could you.”
Sterling Jr grins "good idea" as they made there way back sterling jr, turns at jack. " are you afraid of our family jack?" Texas was out cold sterling wasn't worried abiut him over hearing.
Doctor jimmy pulled his seat up against the wall to watch without disturbing them, and to remove the temptation to touch. He did not want to trigger sterling sr into snapping into one of his other personalities. Sterling sr gasped and moaned bucking his hips out of reflex. "God what did i do to deserve this?" He moaned. He tried hard to focus but something was bothering him. It wasnt like he couldnt feel what she was doing but he was not as quick to stand at attention as he usually was. Maybe it was the pain. He was thinking too hard about it and that was killing it for him too. A kind of paralysis came over sterling sr and he started breathing really shallow, his chest felt tight.
“Afraid?” Jack mulled it over. “Naw, I wouldn’t say afraid. More... I don’t know. Worried? Angry maybe? Hard to say. I like you, well enough, and your brother. But your father and I, and your grandfather... it’s a long story and even I don’t understand the specifics of it. It’s the sad truth about hatred, Sterling, is that if you hang onto it, it gets mighty comfy, like an old set of leather gloves that fit you just right. You forget what it’s like not to hate, not to be forever angry at the world around you. I guess, if anything, I’m afraid that kind of hatred has seeped into your family and won’t leave it. I’m worried you’ll carry it on through and into the future. Cause there will come a time when there won’t be any room left in the union for men like your father. Or me for that matter. Then what’ll you do? How will you live?” Jack looks ahead. “There’s more to being a man than learning how to shoot and kill. Men have to be able to carry the weight of our actions. We have to carry the future and pass it on to the next in line. And show those who come after us how to hear those burdens so they don’t get crushed by them. Maybe that’s fear talking, but it doesn’t feel like it.”
Victoria was quick to react. She got sterling sr to breath she coached him through just as the doctor told her. Once he was come she gave him some tee. This will help dull the pain and it ill make you feel good as she make him drink the whole cup. Victoria already talk to the doctor about this. She told him all the ingredients and nothing should a decrease hus meds.
The doctor was relieved that victoria had heeded his words of caution about sterling sr's condition. Sterling sr slowly calmed down and victoria was able to reassure him it was alright enough to get him to drink the tea. After a few minutes he started to feel warm and fuzzy, and a little tingly in his extremities. His head was foggy like he was drunk. Didnt matter. His gorgeous wife was naked and waiting for him. He sat up to feel her skin, taste her sweat from the october heat. Now he was ready to be her stud.
Texas wheezed and coughed as he slept on his brother's horse riding back to the hotel. It wasnt like any of jacks fears were unfounded. Sterling junior had read his father's journal and knew better than jack what he was talking about. Jack was only guessing at the madness their father barely held onto the reins of. The moment his father lost his temper that madness was unleashed.
Sterling Jr, thought about what jack said. " I agree with you about the fact being a man isn't about learning to shoot. I can also understand your fears. but... I think what makes a man, a man. Isn't about controlling your anger, i think its has to do more with Love." He pause for a moment before continuing. Weather your a spy or an average Joe. Every man has to face that Challenger of hatred and its for that very reason that there will always be a need for people like you and my father. Your skills as a person has nothing to do with the choice's you make towards other or yourself.
Jack patted little Texas lightly on the back. “You know, Sterling, one day, this union will know a true and lasting peace. Folk will get fat and rich and kids like you won’t have bigger worries than school and what your mama’s gonna make for supper. There’ll always be enemies to fight, but one day, we may find ourselves fighting them not with bullets or bayonets but words and ideas. When that day comes, there won’t be a need for men like me or your dad. But you’ll have to live with that peace for the sake of the little guy if nothing else. Cause it’s a might easy for old monsters like me and your daddy to step on little guys. Too easy. But you, you’ll be strong enough that you won’t have to step on anyone. It takes strength to shoot someone, but it takes a greater strength to let them live when you don’t have to shoot them. That’s something folk like me lose sight of far too often. But I hope it’s a lesson you take to heart.”
Sterling Laughed. Your an Idealist, as long as people are aloud to have free will, there will never be true peace. There will always be someone that feels like they have a right or they feel they deserves compensation or crave power to better their circumstances, He looked at jack, did you learn that less after meeting my unless jack? did they help you to gain better strength?" He was calm not threatening, he acted casually as he waited for Jacks responds.
Sterling Junior’s question still rattled in Jack’s mind as he lead the boys back to the hotel. It wasn’t until he had set Wilson in the stable and saw to his food and water that he realized what was truly on his mind. Jack wasn’t afraid of Sterling Steele. No. Jack was afraid that one day he might have to kill Sterling. That one day the madness might take the old man and he might go too far. As Jack turned to the rising moon, he clasped his hands and prayed to God. “Don’t make me kill him... his children deserve better.”
A star winked at jack, almost as if the stars had a plan.
"If they taught you that lesson, you should thank them before we go." Don't forget jack we're a team now, I trust you, if I step out of line i hope you take me down, I have enough respect for you to do the same. Just like my mother"
Jack looked up at it. “I’d feel a might better if you let me in on it.”
Victoria exhausted her husband. That tea helped for certain but he was weak still and drugs could only keep him going so long. He fell asleep holding her. Poor woman was covered in bite marks from her tits to her shoulders though, and scratches on her hips and back. Those nails needed to be trimmed. The doctor pulled up his chair again after sterling sr had dozed off. "How do you feel?" He asked handing sterling sr's housecoat to her for a little modesty until she got dressed.
Victoria had a cat like grin on her face. "Energized actually its been four years, i'm worried i over did it." She said as she ignored the housecoat and walked over to the cold water and cleaned herself up. "Did you enjoy yourself Doctor? She asked teasingly. once she was finished she put her undergarments on and when to sit by her husband to cut his nails.
The doctor chuckled "i did. I wasn't expecting a woman of your calibre to be such an exhibitionist. This something you and your husband do frequently?" He nodded satisfied what he was seeing. "At first i hadn't thought your marriage would last another week. But this seems to be quite the change recently so, perhaps your husband simply needed to be dialed down a touch. Mellowed out." He chuckled lighting a cigarette and offering one to victoria, lighting it for her when she accepted. He knew she smoked sometimes. Occassions like this.
She exhaled the smoke, "no actually, this was the first time," she said. it's my fanatic, something that developed in the academy when they where teaching us to seduce men." explained in between puffs.
The doctor made note of this. "Well i would say it's one he enjoyed. If you think of it from his perspective, everyone gets to see you belong to him." He flipped through his notes from the previous days. "Have you ever read your husband's journal?"
No, she said as she took another drag from the cigarette "but if your referring to his fantasies yes i'm aware of them"
there enough to make a whore blush she giggled
The doctor nodded "hard not to be. He telegraphs it pretty clearly with his body language when you are around. Still..." he flipped through his notes to where he had transcribed some of sterling sr's fantasies from his journal and let victoria read them. "Did you know your son had read it?"
Could you find someone to get me some hot water for tea? she asked the doctor. before answering his question. she was still in her undergarments, a beautiful see though material that showed of her curves and accented her breast it was a nice purple that made her pail skin pop under it. I figured scenes he was the one that returned them to his father.
Sterling read a lot after his father was taken. I just figured he was looking for an answer, I can't be angry with the boy for that.
He nodded and got up going to the door and calling for a nurse to bring a tea kettle of water. "No it's natural. His father's journal was the closest he could be when he was gone. But perhaps it would be a good idea for the three of us to talk with sterling junior about what he read." He said coming to sit back down
Oh? what about? she asked, as she produce a small pouch from her purse.
Sterling turn to jack before they turned into their rooms. "I believe your a good man jack, I think you made a mistake.... I forgive you for that mistake." was the last thing he said as he carried Texas into their room.
"Well your husband's sexual fantasies for one, how he describes the first time he killed a man. The way his father consciously and knowingly decides what personality and what face to show people." He sighed "i havent seen any evadence of a relapse so the lead may have put a stop to that brain activity, but your husband used to think he was multiple people. From what i can read, he partly had control over who saw which faces."
"Its not uncommon doctor for agents to have multiple aliases. We're trained to think and act like different people all the time. It's our job to control what face is shown to who." she said ashing her cigarette. "I'm not a doctor, so a fail to see your concern would you please elaborate"
The doctor nodded "i understand your confusion. The difference is your husband couldn't tell that he was not these people. He has a fundamental flaw in his thinking where he cant tell what is a fantasy in his head and what is real. Thats why he percieves you two as fighting all the time."
Victoria thought for a moment, just a the nurse came in with a kettle and cups. She was shock to see Victoria in her state. Victoria didn't blink and eye at her as she took the kettle and cups. "Thank you, you can go now" she said pleasantly as she dismiss the nurse. "I would explain a lot, I tried to give him what he asked for all the time. It never seem enough for him though" She laughed ash took some herbs from pouch and pit it in the tea cup. " No wonder it wasn't good enough i was trying to please multiple men". She poured the hot water into the cup to let it steep.
"Which is why none of them thought they were good enough for you either. You were trying to please all of them." He sighed watching the nurse. "Well you certainly gave them something to talk about." He chuckled. "May i ask what's in that?"
Victoria smiled a beautiful smile. "It's a chines remedy that my friend May Ling gave to me, its to help stop conception." she explained. "You should worn your staff there also under the patient confidentiality agreement, they can gab among themselves but if it leaves the hospital they will have my lawyer speak to them."
The doctor nodded "they know the rules. They understand what goes on in this room is a matter of national security. But i will remind them." He chuckled "though im sure its more envy than anything." He listened to her explain about the tea and nodded "not an unwise choice given that lead can cause birth defects. Though the damage done by the lead may limit his potential to sire children anymore. If the result proove to have removed enough lead would you consider a prescribed fertility enhancement to increase your likelihood?"
Victoria answer with out hesitation, "Of course, as soon as you clear him i intended to try and get pregnant" She said excitedly.
"How soon till we can try again" she smiled teasingly. All the sex is getting Victoria excited again.
*sex talk
Sterling sr stirred waking up again yawning. He trailed his fingers over her bare thigh. "I like the sound of that." Her excitement and the giggle in her voice had woken him. "I love you but ughhhhh" he groaned stretching out. With a whine he immediatly curled into as much of a fetal position as he could manage. "Shouldn't have done that...uhhhh" he groaned in pain.
Victoria rushes to Sterling Sr, "I'm so sorry darling i over did't" concern in her voice as she try's to help make him comfortable, "Is their something we can give him for the pain?' She asked the doctor.
The doctor nods and gets up going to a tray on a table he picks up a needle and placing a hand on sterling sr's back he puts the needle into his lower back close to the spine. "Easy, dont move." He says as the needle goes in. Sterling sr squeezed victoria's hand, tears in his eyes from the pain. It was a muscle relaxant to ease the spasm. "Light him one of those opium cigarettes i prescribed him." The doctor rolled sterling sr back onto his back. He was still tensed up in pain and the doctor gave him another needle in the abdomen.
Victoria did as she was told and help Sterling Sr smoke it.
Is there anything else i can do she asked?
After victoria made him take a couple drags off the opium cigarette, the pain wasnt so bad, and the tension was starting to let go. Victoria could hear a pop from her husbands hip. That bad leg again. He set one of those big pills he mixed up in a paper cup and set some water beside the bed with it. "Take it." He went into his bag and took out a jar of white pills. He put one down next to the water. Heroin.
Victoria help Sterling Sr, take his medicine she still hadn't gotten dressed yet. As she played nurse with her husband it was a sit to see. It made the doctor think of the drawing he started to make of Victoria, Now he was getting excited.
The heroin made sterling very touchy feely. And it made him sleepy. He dozed off pawing at her soft hair and curling it between his fingers. He muttered the strangest things about dragons crawling around like snakes through the shadows and hissing in his ears. He would twitch and slap one away when he felt one close to his head.
I guess the pain medicine is working" said Victoria. She made herself comfortable next to her husband. She stroked his hair as he slept.
I guess it might be a bit till we can try again.
The doctor nodded "i believe, for sterling's mental health, it was important. A validation of his efforts if you will." He continued his sketch of her laying next to her wounded husband. "In a bit, I'll give him another dose of ketamine to keep him still. All this flailing about isnt good for his nerves. Perhaps a blindfold might take some stress off his eyes. He may recover some of his vision."
A cat like grin appeared on her face as the thought of blinding folding her husband while they have sex applied to her "What ever you think is best doctor" she purred.
The doctor laughed "oh dear, you two were made for each other. I imagine the program had something to do with that." He set down his paper. Victoria could see a glance of the sketch he was working on. He went into his medical bag and pulled out a simple eye cover for sleeping. "Lets save that for when you take him home, hmm?" He handed her the blindfold. "Let him know you're putting it on him and why. But, ive noticed he tenses up quite a bit when men go to touch him. Thats not the case when you touch him. Hes comfortable with you."
She took the blind fold from the doctor and lend into Sterling Sr, "Darling i'm going to put this blindfold on you. It's to help with eyes sensitivity it may help with your vision. If your good i'll let you use it on me when we get to go home" She said as she put the blindfold on him. She got comfortable again and continued to stroke her husbands hair. She looked at the doctor, her eyes full of playful mischief. "I didn't realize you where an artist too doctor, I'd like to see it when it's finish, I hope I make a good model for you" she teased. as she adjust her breast where very visible through the undergarment she wore.
*as she adjust to make her breast more visible through the undergarment she wore
He was startled when she woke him but realizing it was her, and the feel of her bare skin against his reassured him. "Kay" he choked out. He was scared. The dark room was making the hallucinations malicious. But he trusted her and he knew if he was blindfolded he couldn't see it. He calmed down as she stroked his hair and fell asleep again. "Most doctors practice anatomical sketches. It helps with our observations." He told her with a wink. "You make a fine specimen"
Victoria smiled, pleased with the attention. She pose for the doctor as she played with Stirling hair. She thought about how much fun she had, she was happy that Sterling notice her outfit even thought he can't see well he knew. She had made it herself and she thought about other designs she had made that he might like.
MON 10:42PM
When sterling sr had been asleep for a good two hours without stirring, the doctor set down his book and pen and picked up one of the ketamine injections. "There. Probably best he sleep for a day or so. Let him wake up on his own but..." he shook his head. "You should go back to the hotel and get some rest. I'm sure your boys are worried about you."
Texas woke up from a nap and started jumping on his bed. "So we gotta make inventory lists huh? What should i write?" He asked his brother sterling jr. Before flopping down on his back on the bed.
Victoria stretched, she was stiff from staying in the same spot for so long. "How's the drawing coming along?" she asked Ignoring the doctors suggestion. She got up to have a drink of water. "What was it you where going to say doctor?"
Sterling smiled at his brother, I already finish my list, you can look at it if you want, maybe it will give you ideas". He handed it over. The list was amazingly organized, List of guns with subsections for attachments and ammo, Survival kite, a list of parts to make it range from string and metal wire to a new outdoor ware. List of chemical compounds He also had a list of weird herbs. "what you think?" ask Sterling.
Texas looked at the list "what are you gonna do with all that?"
Jimmy sighed "you want to keep watch over him? I could use some sleep." Sterling sr mumbled something about hounds and fetching. Hard to tell if he was working in his sleep or playing with a dog. He twitched, his abdomen tensing up and he groaned. With a sigh the doctor gave him another dose of muscle relaxant and another sedative.
There meany uses for a lot of these things, and a lot of it light weight and compacted, take the the metal wire for example, you can use it to make a snare for rabbits for food, you can also use it to make a tripwire that sets of a traps.
I can work from here no problem" she said. I'll have some things brought over from the hotel
Jimmy sighed "alright. Just yell down the hall for help if you need it. Someone will come." He packed up his notes, leaving the drugs incase she needed them. "If he wakes up have him take this." He set aside one of the big horse pills he had mixed. Jimmy hadnt been gone fifteen minutes when sterling sr's leg siezed up again. So did his abdomen. He was curled up in a ball crying in this drugged out unconsciousness
Texas sat on the bed looking over his brothers list. He got a notepad and pen and wrote down thread and needles. A knife.
Victoria gave him another shot. she went over to his leg and massaged it, she moved it just enough to move the muscle a bit, she's concerned that hes not being moved enough, his muscles are only going to get worse if their not being used regularly. She talked to him as she massage his leg, she hope the sound of her voice would help relax him. She many talked about cloths designs she's been working on. When she was done so put on outfit she had brought. She finished just as May Ling arrived with one of Victoria hand maidens carrying boxes of papers food and some fresh cloths for later if needed.
Sterling lend over his brothers shoulder, "those are good ideas" he said, the needles and thread are a great idea very useful" He was very genuine. He wanted to talk his brother as well as teach him a few things. They talked and discussed different pros and cons to bringing various things. Even Sterling made a few revisions to his list.
Sterling sr had three more bouts of muscle spasms before dawn, each causing violent twitches, painful cramping and leaving him sobbing and begging for some kind of relief.
Texas added a colour oil pastel art kit to his list, chalk, charcoal, rolls of paper. He looked up from his list to his brother "what's this school like?"
It's like Military school and they rank us depending on our progress. why you bring the art kit? he ask curiously.
He wrote something on a piece of paper then picked up the paper. Then he took the charcoal and rubbed it all over the page under the one he had written on, revealing a copy of the message. "Grandpa McAlister taught me."
that's clever he said enthusiastically , can you do the same with the oil pastels?
"I can do it with all of them. Different papers work better with different mediums. I can also leave marks on walls with them if i get lost."
Sterling smiled, I like it, that gave me an idea, you want to come up with special marks something only the two of us would know, we could leave messages for each other that only we can read.
Tex did that funny happy chicken dance of his again "yea! That's a great idea."
TUE 2:59AM
Great! I think I have some books that might give us some ideas" Sterling ran over to his trunk and started rummaging through it. He pulled out several books all with funny symbols and letters on the cover. "This are books in different languages i bet we can get some ideas from these" said as he open one and flipped through it.
As they laid on the bed flipping through books and picking symbols to mean letters and things and places and people, tex looked up at his brother. "Think mom and dad will have another baby? I overheard mom talking to the doctor. She had that look my mother gets when she wants to have sex with someone." He smiled writing down a copy of everything for their parents to keep and one for jack to keep too. "I like our family. But, do you ever wonder if we're the villains in the story?"
Sterling thought about it for a moment, "well i guess no matter what you do your a villain to someone" Let give you an example, did you know the reason that dad friends with the president, it's because he took a bullet in the leg for him. the president thinks he a hero but the people that don't want the president to be president probable thinks he's the bad guy.
it really depends on how you look at things.
"Like with mr. Lincoln. They killed him because they didnt like how he ran the country." Texas nodded thinking he understood. Course, how well could even adults understand this stuff. Wasn't that the reason jack was upset? Helaid on his back yawning "think mom's coming back before breakfast?"
I think Jacks confused right now, he know's somethings wrong and he thought he knew how to fix it, but i thinks he's wondering if he really dose. "I don't think so, I bet she's with dad. why don't we go see them after breakfast. we can finish your list while we eat."
Texas nodded collecting his papers and heading down to the hotel restaurant with basil and alice for breakfast. He was having a hard time coming up with a good list. Matches. Flask of rubbing alcohol. Fabric. Garden twine.
how about a good blanked in case they make use sleep out side for training? and maybe a pistol and a rifle like what jack said.
you should ask mom for a sniper, you where really good at it yesterday
did your grandpa teach you how to snipe?
"Good idea. No that asshole general did. He told austin and me he wanted us to try and take dad's eye out for abandoning us."
Sterling sr curled up in a ball whimpering and crying. Everything was tight. Everything hurt. He burried his face into the mattress to muffle his screams.
Even still your really good, i bet mom would buy you one if you told you wanted one. said sterling.
Victoria ran to get the doctor, she had did everything just like the doctor but wasn't working.
The doctor came running back with victoria. By this point his thrashing and spasming had ripped one of the blood tubes out of his arm. And the salt water one from his arm. There was blood all over the place and it was weeping from his arm and the machine. The one in his stomach was still in thank god. The doctor handed victoria a wooden dowel wrapped in leather. "Stick that in his mouth so he doesnt bite through his tongue." The doctor grabbed sterling sr by the arm strapping it to the bed. He did the same with his other arm and his legs. Sterling sr tried to kick and thrash, screaming and sobbing. The doctor gave him an injection to the neck. Followed by another. After the second needle he stopped thrashing but the sobbing didnt subside. He gave him a third injection which left him weak and whimpering. He was begging to make it stop. Tremors and shakes still quivered through his body. The doctor set to work reinserting the tubes. When it was over he called for a nurse to come clean up this blood. He took some samples of the blood to see if there might be an answer in it this time. The nurse came in, changing out the jars on the machine and proceeding to clean up the blood off the floor. They would have to move him to another bed to change the sheets.
Victoria was beside herself from she blamed herself for the incident.
Victoria was beside herself with worry, she blamed her self for the incident.
TUE 8:39AM
The doctor let victoria give her husband another sponge bath after it was over. "Its basically your fault but not entirely. I told you hes not supposed to be awake at all." He sighed "you think its because hes been doing nothing hmm? Well, you could help him stretch, or a nurse can. I think you would prefer doing it. He will trust you more. But i would save that for in a few hours. Clean him up, massaging any muscles that are still tense wont hurt him. I'll be back, I'm stepping out to the pharmacy." The doctor left victoria then. She was capable. She had gotten this far. That episode could have been worse had victoria not been working to prevent it all night. Passing the front desk he let them know sterling sr was to have no guests except his wife and children today.
TUE 10:07AM
Blindfolded, strapped to the bed, scared and hurt, sterling sr went to a very dark place in his mind. "Cassandra? Cassie, please, let me go. I'll behave." He groaned in pain trying to curl up in a ball, fighting the restraints. He was too weak from the episode and from losing a couple pints of blood. He whimpered like a beaten puppy. "Cassandra let me go. Please, i wont tell anyone, i promise." He started to sob again. "Please, cassandra, let me go. Please?" He begged.
TUE 11:56AM
Victoria gave him another shot for the pain. She went started massage his body trying desperately to alleviate some of the pain. She talke to Sterling as she work "I'm sorry Sterling but cassie isn't here any more i now your scared and it hurts. I'm here i won't let anything happen to you" Victoria try desperately help with the pain.
"Clementine?!" His voice was scared and shocked. "What are you doing here?" He calmed down knowing it was his dream girl and not his psycho bitch aunt. "Clementine, you have to help me. Get me out of these. Please." He begged her. He groaned when she gave him another shot but he stopped crying. More of a sniffle and a moan now.
"Sterling your in hospital, if you move to much your going to make this harder on yourself. " She remained calm as best she could. "Remember sterling why Cassandra isn't here any more. She was trying to het him to think about where he was maybe if he remember he calm down.
"Hospital?" His mind started reeling. "N..no i dont. Where's sterling? What'd she do with my son?" It was working, slowly. He stopped struggling thinking where he was. He was in hospital. Agent clementine was with him. Cassandra was gone somewhere. What was the mission? "Clementine? What mission did i fail?" She knew a failed mission always came with worse than basic participation in the mission.
Worse consiquences than basic participation *
You didn't fail any mission you gave yourself really bad lead poisoning remember
You already graduate the academy. Remember
Sterling do you remember what happened to Cassandra?
Sterling sr laid there trying to think and taking deep breaths "no. Where is she? Clementine what's going on?"
Cassandra died sterling, she died 6 years ago you have to remember.
"Six years ago." He took a few deep breaths trying to remember "i cant. Clementine i dont remember." His voice was getting weak. He was tired of struggling and tired of trying to think what happened.
Sterling darling do you remember we got married?
"We did?" His voice asked sleepily. "The major general kept his promise? He brought you home after your dad died? You ok? When was this?" He didnt remember any of this.
Four years ago you just got back a couple weeks ago from Japan
"Japan? What was i doing in japan?" He finally passed out talking to her with his mouth open, drooling on the pillow.
Victoria sighed. She was exhaust after the ordeal. She madensire he was comfortable gave another shot and went cleaned herself up
When she was done she checked on Sterling Sr. She checked the jars made sure she didn't need to get one of the nurses to change it. She sat on the bed next to Sterling Sr reading paperwork. She had gotten way behind. She read while Sterling slept. If he stird she was right there to comfert him. She checked the jars ever 30min. While she waited for the doctor to return.
TUE 4:57PM
When they brought in a new bed to change the one he was on, they brought a wider one so his wife or children could lay next to him. He would wake up scared he was strapped down but with victoria reminding him he was at the hospital and that he was sick, he calmed under her touch. "I love you." He moaned struggling to reach for her hand. "Victoria, im freezing. Can you close the window?" The window was closed and he was covered in the quilt she brought him from home. He shouldnt be cold. The nurse came in and changed the jar that drained into his stomach. A puree of vegitables and fruits that would help absorb lead in his body was all he was allowed. Again back to the vegitarian diet that always screwed up his head.
Okay I’m back, someone wanna catch me up?
In his room, Jack sets his weapons out. He turns to the old friend of the family. “Your sure you got everything?” The old man stroked his beard. “The Springfield wasn’t exactly easy to dig up, you know. But the Model 3 is good and and ready. Jack strapped a full bandolier over his chest, holster the Model 3 and the Single Action Army on either side. The Marlin sits on his back as he grips the Springfield. “I appreciate it,” he mutters without tone. The old man eyes him up and down. “You aiming to fight a war?” Jack nods. “I think I am.”
Texas and sterling banged on jack's hotel room door after breakfast. "C'mon jack! Dad don't want us roaming about the city alone anymore. You gotta come with us to the hospital." Tex whined impatiently from behind the door. Cute he was imitating his father's drawl
The old man chuckled. “Your mom would be happy to see you making friends.” Jack threw on his duster on and opened the door. “Alright, lets be on our merry way.”
When jack came out, his friend probably hadn't been expecting jacks new friends to be the Steele's. "D'ya think dad's awake?" Tex asked hurrying to keep up with jack and his brother sterling.
The old man had a beard that was unkempt. He walked with a limp and wore worn leather. “Hold up lads, I need a word with Jackie just a moment.” He takes Jack by the arm and leads him away and speaks softly. “The Steele’s? Lad that family is a curse on the Union. Bradly Steele was the worst thing to happen to this country since the passing of Washington.” Jack holds up a hand. “I know what I’m doing. Bradly Steele may have been a snake, but the entire tree ain’t rot yet.” He turns and walks away. The old man strides away from the hotel. “Yeah, it’s that “yet” that worries the rest of us.”
Jack hoists Tex onto his shoulders. “If your dad ain’t awake, maybe we can get a game or two in,” he tells them with a grin.
Tex smiled "thanks jack." It was hard to keep up with his brother and jack.
When they got to the hospital the doctor was just arriving from the pharmacy. "You boys sure you want to see your dad? Last night was really bad for him. If hes awake he's going to be scared and in lots of pain." Tex got all watery eyed when the doctor said that "is he gonna die?"
The doctor sighed leading them in "im trying not to let him..." victoria was asleep on the bed with sterling sr. He was shaking and whimpering. The doctor came up beside him "easy sterling. Its jimmy. Im gonna give you something for the pain." He gave him the injection in the neck and sterling sr screamed.
Jack set the child on his shoulders down. He walks over to Sterling the elder.
“Talk to me, you insane bastard. Talk to me... Texas Jesus Steele.”
"Shut up Jack" Victoria growned her head was killing her. She had past out paperwork everywhere. "Sorry your just very loud please speak a little softer." She growned again. Victoria wasn't feeling well.
“Mayhap you should lie down, ma’am. You aren’t looking well.”
She goes to get up and a wave of dizziness hits her like a train and she collapse to the ground. Sterling Jr rushed over Mom! He screamed.
“Junior, take your mom somewhere she can rest and get a doctor to her. Little Tex, help your brother. I’ll see to your father.”
Jimmy helped victoria up onto the bed next to her husband. "Just lay still a moment. What was in that tea you drank yesterday?" When jack called him tex sterling sr snapped his head in jacks direction. "Plisskin! The fuck are you doing here? I thought you washed out!? Get me out of here." He struggled against the restraints again. "I gotta get jolene outta here."
Jack gazed down at him. “Easy now... We’ll get Jolene outta here. Just tell me where we’re going.”
As soon as the doctor help Victoria she was burning up. Victoria started to react to Sterling Sr voice. "Darling im her" she whispered. The doctor new what was in the tee. It was just bunch of common herbs if anything its the lack of food and sleep catching up to her.
She curled up to Sr "darling im here"she whisper.
Jack places a gentle but firm hand on Sterling. “See, we’re getting Jolene out of here. Now, Texas, what are the orders.”
Jack enough! shout Jr. Im not going to stand here and watch you take advantage of my parents! He was angry there was something in his voice the did sit with jack.
Didn't *
"Clementine!?!" He was shocked to hear victoria's voice again. "Escape the asylum, get back to america." He thought he was at the asylum in austria where they threw him in a cage with the sacrifice as jack liked to call her. Little tex's mother.
Jack turns to him. “I reckon you wouldn’t. But this isn’t taking advantage. This is what your daddy promised me.” He turns back to Sterling. “You ain’t in the asylum any more, Texas. Think carefully. What were our orders? Who gave them to us? Where are the higher ups?”
The doctor went to the hall. "Nurse, doctor, a moment. Admit this woman for exhaustion and malnutrition." A doctor and an orderly and a nurse came to collect victoria on a rolling bed. "Easy. You cant help him if you're a wreck." They said helping her onto the bed.
“Little Tex, junior, you go with your mother
"I was supposed to recover the missing agents in austria. In my saddlebag! Theres a lock pick set. Get me out of this." He was screaming hysterical and panicked. Jack wanted to know what happened with the good german doctor. Now he had an idea.
“In due time Texas, just give me some time with this Lock. Now while I’m doing that, tell me more about those agents.”
Victoria clinged to Sterling Sr as she was taken away she kept muttering to herself. Sterling Jr stepped in between jack and his father. He looked him sizing him up. "Back off jack i think you need to wait outside" he growled.
Jack’s voice is cold. “Go see to your mother. That’s the last time I’ll tell you.”
Sterling Jr didn't move "family only in this room! Get out!"
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“Not happening boy. You’ve been their shield and excuse long enough. Not this time. This time, the madness is laid bare.” Jack points to Sterling the elder. “Cause he and I came from the same place. And I will be damned if I walk away from this.”
He snarled "hes not going anywhere jack, you can talk to him when hes feeling better. But if you think im going to let you interrogate a sick man your very mistaken"
When he heard his son screaming sterling sr jerked violently against the bed. "Sterling! Get your god damn fucking hands off my son!" One of the leather straps snapped and sterling sr swung wide and violent. "Six washouts and an abducted queen. I was sent to recover the agents by any means."
“I ain’t taking him anywhere. I’m just letting him speak his mind.” He turns to Sterling in the bed. “Take it easy Texas. Your son is safe and sound along with Jolene. Now, think long and hard. Who sent you to recover the agents?”
Don't call him that! Dad don't say anything! Yelled sterling. As he try restrain his father.
Jack leans down. “The mission is at stake, sir. Agent Plisskin requesting confirmation of orders. Who sent us in to recover the agents?”
No dad hes a wash out scream Sterling Jr
“Agent Plisskin requesting confirmation of orders from Agent Texas Jesus Steele,” Jack says one more time. “Talk to me you crazy son of a bitch.”
Thats not his name you idiot! He's name is Sterling Sr! He's married to my mother Victoria. He as two boys and a girls. He is not that man! He shouted!
Jack kneels down and looks Sterling Junior dead in the eye. “He is that man. And he’s your father. And he’s a great deal of many things. And you need to come to terms with that. You need to come to terms with that truth. If you don’t, you be trapped in the same cage he is. Your life will take you down the same path. Look at him, do you really want that for yourself?”
Im not stupid jack i know he did it! You don't understand all you see is your stupid mission your no better the the dogs you hunt. You really want to stop them. Use your head instead of following orders blindly
Doctor please have him removed now!
“And who’s orders am following blindly? You asked me if I was afraid of your family. But from where I am, the only one here acting like he’s scared of something is you. If you know your father as well as you say you do, why are you afraid to let him speak?”
Jack is deadly calm amid the chaos, all emotion drained from his voice. It’s unnerving. Like he’s talking about doing chores on the farm.-
He laughed im not afraid of my father jack. Your the one who has the trigger finger. He glared. His out of his mind. He's sick he doesn't even know half of what hes saying. Your the wash out. Picked up by the corrupted part of the organization.
“Wash out? You make it sound like I had a choice in the matter. You sure that’s the truth of the matter? And you sure you know difference between your fathers madness and who he really is?”
Ill reply after this bill))
You can't even remember i wouldn't be preaching about choices
Jack grins. “Odd. Your story changes.”
Puff my story what story am i try to tell?
"Shut up everyone! I camt hear myself think!" The noise and the struggle had him out of his mind fully now, and violent. "Sterling shut up. Jack leave my boy alone! We used to be friends till you quit!" He laid there panting "i was on presidential assignment. I intercepted a message that six washouts and a queen from the boyd project had been kidnapped. I volenteered for the mission to return them home. The six washouts turned out to be rogues. Following orders from bradley steele."
His father was the traito. Hed been working to fix his fathers mistake.
Jack stands up. “That right? Go on. Tell us more.”
Sterling Jr. He rain out of the room to find Victoria.
Jack watches him go. “So... I quit, huh Texas?”
"Cmon jack quit it. Just call me by my fuckin name. Its just you and me. No doubles. Nobody to report to. Let me out. We were going to take bradley down before he twisted my brothers. What happened?"
Jack grinned. “Don’t rightly know myself. That whole time is a bit of a blur.”
"That whole time? It was a month ago. I knew something was fucked when they let us all go home for new years." So jack left about the same time as texas' rape charge. Jack had a paper train he could follow with that.
Jack nods. “What can I say? Wild party.”
Sterling sr lost it. "Wild party!?! You were supposed to be waiting in the trees! You had a perfect shot through the window at the top of the stairs! Last time i play bait for you!"
"We were going to put that bitch cassandra in the swamp!"
“Hey, I was worried I would have winged you,” Jack fumbled with the straps, making his struggles look convincing but Sterling wasn’t going anywhere. The mad man was likely more dangerous to himself than anyone else but if something did happen... this may be the only chance Jack would get. “I’ll bet the brass was angry at me, especially ol what’s his name... you know... with the moustache...
"Nobody saw from you after that jack. You just disappeared. I got a paper with your file number saying you had resigned voluntarily. "
“That right? Now I wonder who wrote that...”
Tex shook his head "i dunno. Should have been your wife from the boyd program. You never told me who she was. The boyd program is where the fracture starts though. Dont trust anyone. They're training the women to be handlers for us. Do our paperwork, write our covers... clean up the blood." He was breathing hard. "Jack you gotta get me out. Im not the only agent here. That fuckin german doctor is selling whatever he scrapes out of our brain to the austrian government."
“Never trust a smiling German.”
"The other savages. They sent us here for reprogramming. Watch out for lock and barrel. They're doubles."
“Oh don’t worry, they’ve been dealt with...”
Sterling Jr came running shot gun load, he was up set! He pointed the gun at jacks, Where is she Jack, Victoria isn't in her room and theres blood in the bed. Im not going to ask you again where's Victoria!
Another spasm ripped through sterling sr's body. He jerked and twitched and strained against his bonds screaming in agony.
Jack kicks the shot gun back and holds Junior’s arms pointed away from him. “What are you saying? Victoria is gone?” Jack pales. He unholsters the Marlin. “Stay with your father. You kill anyone who ain’t suppose to be here what comes through that door!” He storms out of the room calling out Victoria’s name.
He screams for the doctor “Get to Sterling’s room you pencil necked dolt!”
Jack enter the room Victoria was in. Theres blood on the pillow, and the only evidence of Victoria being there is one of her shoes.
“Dammit! Where the Sam Hill did you go Victoria?” He scans the room, looking for a sign... anything. The blood on the pillow, the spatter pattern. Someone took her. He burst out the room. He grabs the first orderly he finds. “Who was the doctor assigned to the patient in this room!?” He demands.
"D ddoctor smith. Doctor smith was in charge of the patient." The orderly was terrified of jack. He pissed himself. Major doctor jimmy picked up sterling jr and set him next to his father. "Help me calm your dad down. Keep him distracted kay?" He tightened sterling sr's bonds putting the leather wrapped wooden dowel in his mouth again. It took four injections across the major veins in his body before the tremors subsided. Sterling sr laid there whimpering as tears ran from his eyes.
Jack pulled the orderly closer. “Where the hell is Dr Smith, you whimpering simpleton! Ah Christ’s Balls, What Doctor is named Smith! Listen, if you had to drag a patient drugged and senseless out of this hospital, where’s the quickest way out!”
"Ambulance bay, down the hall on the left." On the wall in that direction was a mark in pink oil pastel.
Jack drops him and takes off running.
Sterling Jr turned to his father. I'm sorry dad. I have to save Victoria, we're nothing where out her. He tightened he's restraints. And ran sown the hall he saw jack take off. He notice the spot on the wall. Texas is with them... he ran after jack looking for Texas markings as he went.
There were marks on the wall of the hall leading to the ambulance entrance. Horses snorted startled when jack and sterling jr came in. There was another mark on the wall by the door they had gone out. There was a scribble to show they went in a carriage.
Jack cursed again and gave an ear splitting whistle. Moments later, like a bolt of lightening on a clear day, Wilson galloped into view. Jack’s eyes scanned the road, looking for the freshest carriage tracks. He found them easily enough and jumped on Wilson, riding like a shot from a gun.
Texas must have been hanging on to the bottom of the carriage because there was a pink mark on the road whenever they changed direction.
Jack followed, urging Wilson to fly like the wind.
Chase music
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Sterling Jr called for his Black stallion, he road after them he soon caught up to Jack. He was still angry with him, but this was no time for that. As he road up beside him he shouted. "Texas is with them he's leaving marks to follow look there's one now." He makes a sharp turn to left where he sees the mark on the ground.
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Victoria growns, her head is throbbing, she goes to touch her head, but her hands are bound and she can't see. This isn't good she thought. She could tell that they where moving but that was about all she concluded, she was still running a fever on top of which a nasty bump on her head she could feel herself losing consciousness.
Outside, Jack and Sterling junior bounded after the carriage, the marks left by little Texas guiding him swiftly onward.
Texas waited until jack and sterling jr were there to let go of the bottom of the carriage. "Good idea huh?" He asked putting the pastel back in his pocket.
Jack caught little Texas and swung him up into the saddle as they rode. “Damn good idea. Now hold on and no wagging tongues least you bite them off.”
Meanwhile, with such a security breach, they had to move sterling sr. They took him off as much life support as they could afford and loaded him into a train they sent for. They were taking him to a different hospital. An old friend of the family, and the man who actually raised sterling sr, was with him. He'd known sterling sr since the man was 8. He'd keep him safe.
As soon as they got close to the carriage they started to shooting at the boys and Jack
Jack pushed Texas head down and barked at him to take Wilson’s reins. He unslings the Marlin Lever Action. He blasts one assailant away.
Sterling Jr, talks out two pistols on in each hand, hes guiding the horse with his legs as he takes out couple assailants.
Through the window of the coach a woman looks through at them. "You idiots! Those are studly dr rights boys. Fucking kill em"
Jack aims and takes another shot at the woman who shouted at them.
She giggles hysterically and ducks down from the shots again. Clearly the ringleader. Or at least passing orders for the leader.
Jack groans. “Would have to be a fucking save hen!” He mutters.
Sterling Jr shuck his head. She sounds familiar, but he can't place it.. he drove his horse up next to the carriage, he shot at the coupler that connects the the horses to the carriage BANG BANG CLANG SCREECH as the metal beam ground itself into the dirt stopping the carriage dead.
Jack rode up like lightening, gunning down the remaining assailants on the outside with cold efficiency
WED 7:58PM
Sterling Jr raced around the front of the carriage, BANG, BANG, fires a bullet in each shoulder.
The woman comes out of the carriage with her hands up. "Alright boys ya got me. Fairs fair. Too bad it always has to come to this just for a little family reunion." She looks at sterling jr and giggles. "You look just like little studly do right did at your age." Just in time to take both bullets in the arms and drop wailing like a banshee
Jack jumps down from Wilson and blasts the door handle off the carriage and swings the door open wide, kneeling down to Victoria and cutting the ropes tying her
“Easy ma’am, easy now. Try not to move too much.”
Sterling Jr walks up to the woman he shot, grabs her by her hair and yanks her head back to see her face. As soon as their eyes meet he lets go, backs away, his face pale. He looks like he's seen a ghost. "Yuuu.. Your Ssuppos to be dead" he stammered.
Jack reloads the Marlin. “Well we can fix that easy enough.”
Wait! shouts sterling Jr. "Don't you want to know why she took mom?"
“Given our over abundance of enemies and the rage at which your family makes them, I can hazard a guess at her not being overly fond of the Steele’s. The thing about enemies, boys, is the longer they stay alive, the better chance they have of killing you.”
Nevada giggled "steeles dont die. We just go to hell and regroup."
“Yeah and I imagine that tickles ol Lucifer pink. But last time I checked, there was some very specific criteria for coming back from the dead.”
Jack levels the gun. “So how about you say a final prayer and I’ll send you on your marry way?”
Shut up Nevada! How did you survive the fire? Asked Sterling Jr
Jack shrugged. He wasn’t entirely sure this was relevant but he kept his mouth shut. If this was another member of Clan Steele, it would complicate matters if he just shot her.
"Who do you think set the fire stupid?!" She was hysterical from the pain
“There you go,” Jack replied. “Crazy and an arsonist. And in no small amount of pain. I’m inclined to kill her out of mercy, but I gather she is your kin?”
He didn't answer him. Why did you take Victoria? He asked has he placed a gun to her head.
She laughed again. It was finally out in the open that the murder of five of their kin and burning down one of the properties was her responsibility, finally after 6 years of sterling sr shouldering the blame. "Wanted to have a little chat with my sister in law. Make sure shes taking good care of studly do right." She winked laughing like mad
BANG! Sterling Jr put a bullet between her eyes.
Jack shakes his head, giving a quick prayer and placing a hand on Junior’s shoulder. “Sorry you had to do that, Sterling. Some folk are just broken... pity they sometimes have to be family.”
Wasn't your place to do it. Its better that i did it.
Jack grimaces. “Alright. Best we get your mom back to the hospital.”
Victoria was in bad shape. She was beaten hard. Her eyes where black and half her face was swollen. Blood coming from her head and noise. Her blonde hair stained crimson from all the blood. She was barely recognizable.
Jack rips up his shirt and begins bandaging her wounds. “Damn terrible day all around.”
With the horses from the carriage run off in the chaos an idea came to junior. "We should hook up our horses. Mom cant ride like that. Savannah university hospital is closer than going back to Atlanta."
Jack nods. “Good idea. Fair certain I can rig out a stretcher for her with what’s left of the carriage here. Let’s move quick, lads. Best we get her there before night fall.”
Texas was real good with building things. He helped jack to rig together a stretcher. They had blown the carriage to pieces mostly with the gunfight. It wasnt structurally sound anymore. Before they left, texas went around to all the dead people looking through their pockets and wallets. He kept every piece of paper they had. He didnt know what good they were but, mom would for sure. Jack might have a guess.
"We won't be able to go very fast" saids Sterling Jr as he pulls Texas on to his horse.
“No we won’t. How long till we hit the university hospital?” Jack asks.
4-6 hours said Jr
“Damn” Jack mutters. “We start riding. Tex, you keep a close eye on your mom. The moment she takes a turn, you let your brother know. Junior, I’ll take point. Ride close behind.”
Sterling Jr nodded and follows behind.
"Kay" tex turned around on jack's horse so he was facing sterling jr and their mother.
It would be a long ride, but at least the weather would hold out. The sun had set and twilight was beginning to fall when they reached the edge of the coastal city of Savannah.
“Damn good sight, that...”
"She looks okay still. I think thats the hospital there." Texas pointed to what looked like a university facility next to a hospital.
“Alright. Let’s get her there.”
Tex and junior helped jack to carry the stretcher in when they reached the hospital. The nurse at the desk smiled "how can i help?" Tex blurted out without thinking "someone tried kidnapping my mom." The nurse got up from her desk. "Kate, help them. I have to go." She said to the nearest nurse before she ran as fast as she could in heels down one of the halls.
Sterling Jr, watches the nurse run down the hall. Strange she needed to inform someone that we arrived. He thought to himself. He watch Jack and Texas carry his mother into a room. Before you turn and followed the nurse down the hall
The nurse ran into a room down another hall. There were two soldiers outside the door of the room she ran into. "Mr. Stanton, Mr. Andrews, we just had a patient admitted as a kidnapping victim." The two men exchanged a glance and a sigh.
Major General It's nice to see you again. I wish it was under better circumstances. Said Sterling Jr as he made his way towards them.
"You must be sterling junior." The major said standing up and offering junior his hand. "My name is major stanton. Your parents are two of my most trusted agents. I assume she was the kidnapping victim. Your father is here," he patted the closed dark tank. "With what happened to your mother we couldnt take the risk of leaving your father there. The McAlisters were moved to another hospital in accordance with security protocol."
Sterling Jr. extended his hand and shook the majors hand. He nodded he's head. "I understand " said sterling. "Yes, she's here, she was badly beaten."
He sighed. "I'm sorry. I understand it's been difficult this past month. I'll have her moved to this room as soon as possible."
"Thank you, that will make them happy." said Jr. He paused for a moment. He had this look like he was trying to make up his mind. "I want to talk about my mothers abductor. I'm hoping that you can confirm something for me."
The major nodded and closed the door after telling the nurse to have mrs. Steele moved here. "Alright. What do you want to know? I'll tell you what i can."
Her name was Nevada, I'm guessing she worked for my grandfather or the section he worked for at least.
The major sighed pulling up a chair for sterling junior. "We had suspected that nevada had escaped the fire. Locating her has proved difficult though. Did you neutralize her? She was working for your grandfather. Presumably for whoever took over his role when he died until now. She was a daughter of freedom like your mother, so you understand the need for security."
"Yes, she dead, after she confess to setting the fire. Can you tell me who she was married too?
"That explains how she was able to fake her death. Her husband would have likely remarried to keep the appearance she was dead and still following his orders. It will take a day to find that. In the mean time anything else?"
Jimmy came into the room and checked the machines running into the tank. He opened the lid looking in on sterling sr.
Major General Andrews was taking notes on what sterling junior wanted to know.
I'm concerned my mothers being target by agents that use to work for my grandfather.
"A reasonable assumtion. Her loyalty to their cause is undoubtedly in question. Your mother was married to your father through what's called the Boyd program. It's since been cancelled officially however, after the civil war, it was decided that marriages between intelligence agents and raising children from birth to be agents would yield more effective long term agents. While it proved effective with your mother and father, the success to fail ratio was too slim however. More often than not men were raised just like your father and turned out just like him with fewer morals. We couldnt allow a second generation. Unfortunately, now there are several hundred children just like you and your brother. Positioned to become monsters or heroes."
"So what are you going to do with us?" he asked bluntly
"The intention was always to train you to be agents like your parents, even after the Boyd program was cancelled. Cancelling the program only meant we wouldnt plan any partnerships with other agents for you. You have to find your own wife." He said with a wink and a chuckle. "Forgive me. It's hard to look at you and not see your father. Corprol." He rached into his pocket and pulled out a small pin for a rank designation and pinned it on sterling jr's chest.
"what can you tell me about washout 214?"
"Jack Plisskin? That explains so much. We were grooming him along with your father as counter agents to bring down the internal corruption. Your father was undercover as a double agent for them, reporting on your grandfather, cassandra and Nevada. Jack had concerns your father had lost his loyalties to the constitution and to the union. His father removed him from the entire training program not long after."
"I'm concerns about Jacks loyalty's his a wild card, more dog then brains." He killed my uncles and I believe he stole or knows something that he's holding over my mother."
I over heard them talking when we where at the hospital in atlanta
"Unfortunately son, at the moment none of us are without our loyalties in question. And, justifiably so. The inter office corruption has been building for the past thirty years. Your grandfather was one of their best allies. We've been working to root it out but, as you can see, easier said than done."
I'm surprised you haven't talked to my mother sooner. She made it her business to get into Bradley inner circle. I put money on it that's why Nevada beat her instead of just killing her. She wanted names and faces.
"Or she wanted to make sure your mother still intended to turn your father to their cause."
I think Nevada gave up that ghost when she lit that fire.
THU 1:43PM
So what do you want us to do General?
"Which was precisely why your mothers loyalties were so often questioned." The general sighed "many things you could do. I meant to have a chat with your father about you boys coming to school. I understand he asked you to go in and spy on how things were running on the ground. You might be more useful here protecting them. You would know who your parents trusted and who they didnt, unlike your younger brother Texas." He stood up and dusted himself off. "Plisskin still with you?"
Yes hes with mother and Texas's.
"Best you run along so he doesn't get suspicious. One of us will come speak to you boys and your mother, amd jack, soon."
Sterling Jr nodded and hurry back to the others
K im going to work. Busy day ill reply after. Gonna try and post this to the forum tonight or tomorrow))
THU 7:14PM
The doctor and the nurse worked quickly to dress Victoria's wounds. Bother arms where broken and so was her right leg. She had bruising on her chess but nothing broken, which was lucky. It look like she used her arms and legs to take most of the beating, they washed her head and stitched it up, her hair was still a pink color from all the blood. They cleaned the rest of the scraps and cuts. Once that was done there wasn't much more they could do for her till she woke up.
Shortly after the doctor and the nurse left, Sterling Jr. Walked into the room.
Jack remained by her side, prayer for her and cursing his own carelessness for letting himself lose her the way he had. Now that she was out of danger, he could afford regret.
"I spoke to the doctor on the way in, She's stable but have to wait till she walks up to assets if there's any mental damage, He said it could be days still she walks up."
*wakes up
“Aye... I was afraid of that. Still, matters could be far worse. We should send word back to Atlanta.
I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone's long gone by now.
Jack grimaced. “So it’s just us, huh?”
Sterling Jr sighed, well between the security breach and you interrogating my father they had to move him.
“Don’t put this on me. That’s was no interrogation and it’s not like I knew about crazy relations coming out of the wood work. Do you have any cousins with murderous intentions and a fear of heights?”
"I'm not blaming you for them moving them, but i'm going to hold you accountable for your actions. You have know idea how much damage you've done to my fathers, I bet that episode he had is going to send him back months on his treatment. Next time when your told shut up and back off, do it!" No the only cousin i have is a baby boy. I wont have any other cousins either thanks to you.
“Boy, it’s also thanks to my actions that your mother still draws breath. As for your father, trust me, he’ll live.”
"You do realize the more insane my father becomes, the less likely you are to get any information out of him."
“I’m starting to think the state of his mental faculties had little, if anything, to do with me and this game of accusations your playing is a cover for your fears of having to one day come to grips with just poorly a hand you were dealt.”
Ha! Sterling Jr laughed. "The pot calling the kettle black."
He sneered
“Boy, I just spent the greater part of two days getting your mother back from a relation of yours more barking man than a grove of Red Woods. I do believe I’m getting sick of you.”
You have no one to be angry at, but yourself Jack and if you continue to be an ass. I wont tell you the good news. He said teasingly
Jack rolls his eyes and slumped in his chair, exhausted. “I honestly cannot think of a better thing to happen to me right now than not hearing your voice for at least 12 hours, even if you were to tell me that The Son of Man was waiting in the lobby with a golden egg laying goose.”
With out saying a word Sterling Jr heads towards the door.
Jack slumps down further in his seat, desperately trying to stay awake. He turns to Victoria. “Don’t suppose one of your syringes can give me a full 8 hours sleep in 3 seconds?”
Victoria is unresponsive. Sterling Jr stops at the door and lends against the frame staring down the hall.
“Do you see something?”
"Yeah. Your gold goose." he said plainly
Jack gets up with a groan. “How do you grow up with a father like yours and still maintain a love of any kind of game?”
This coming from a man that's trying to play the game, with out knowing the rules.
“Boy if you don’t start speaking plainly I will shoot something.”
You should watch that temper, your going to give yourself a heart attacks one of these days. he said calmly.
“And your attitude is going to lead you to a bad end one day. Now what are we looking at?”
I'm waiting for the General that escorted my father and the rest of the family to the facility we're at right now, he said he'll stop by to talk to us once he raps up what he's doing.
*wraps up what he's doing
“You sure you can trust him?”
"I trust him more then I trust you and we haven't killed each other yet, so I'm sure we'll be fine. He said bluntly.
“Yeah but you don’t trust me so this ain’t exactly filling me with confidence. But I’m too tired,” he sits back down. “I’m going to catch some shut eye.”
I never said I didn't trust you Jack, even though you sure don't give me reason too.
“I don’t. I gave you every reason to hate me. But I also hope some day you’ll end up better than me or your father.”
Sterling Jr. shooks his head. He looks at Jack conviction in his eyes "I'm already better Jack, I already know that hating you isn't going to help me or my family or you. The faster you realize that hate only breeds more hate. The faster you'll realize your going to kill your delusion dream before it even gets off the ground.
Texas looked over from where he sat on the bed with their mother, holding her hand. "Hey sterling, what's that pin on your chest?" He asked. They saw jimmy walk past victoria's room. Dad must be here. "So dad's just down the hall?"
“Well, we will have to wait and see...” Jack murmures as he closes his eyes.
Ya, there going to move mom into the same room with him at some point.
Jack nods.
Sterling Jr looked at the pin on his shirt. "oh right, i'd forgotten about that. The school representative is here, he's promoted me to Corprol i think."
THU 9:45PM
"Awesome. That mean we have to go with him to the school?" He held his moms hand tighter. He was going to be a mama's boy. About an hour later victoria's doctor and a few orderlies came into the room. "Hello boys. Seems your dad is here too, so we're going to move your parents to the same room." The doctor looked to jack asleep in the chair. "Does he need to be admitted too?"
No he's just tired said Sterling Jr.
"Alright." The doctor shook jack waking him. "We're moving mrs. Steele to the room with her husband. Its a secured room so only family in the room. You're welcome to wait in the hall with the rest of the security detachment. We'll even set you up a cot."
They wheeled victoria's bed down the hall to sterling sr's room. "Hey junior." Captain jones said as sterling and texas followed their mother into the room. Captain jones had been stationed at the same fort as sterling sr. He was sterling sr's right hand, and poker buddy.
"Sweet jesus!" Andrews exclaimed, his jaw dropping. "Nevada did that?" He got up "ive got a telegraph to send. I'll be back. " he left the room then.
Jack follows them out into the hall. His head felt better after a brief sleep.
Hello Captain, This is my brother Texas and That's Jack.
The captain eyed jack and shook his head "your dad makes all sorta friends dont he." He chuckled and knelt down "hello tex. Your dad and i play poker together." That was when he saw the badge on sterlings chest. "Well I'll be damned. Not long till you're my boss."
Sterling Jr shrugs, "I don't really understand why, I haven't even set foot in the school yet." He said sheepishly. He new why, but he was afraid that Texas would resent him if he made a big deal of it.
He was wondering why Texas hadn't gotten something too, it's not like he didn't save mom too.
The general stood in the doorway chuckling "he didnt sneak in unexpectedly. And your promotion was for valor in the field against impossible odds at your family's home." He knelt down and pinned a private's badge on texas' shirt. "This is for rescuing agent Clementine from enemy hands." Jack woke up with a sargents badge on his chest. He had been a corprol before quitting, now he got a promotion.
Thank you, sir said Sterling Jr. He felt more relieved that Taxes got his badge, though we wish they were the same rank. He turned to Taxes and said "Look at us Taxes, I bet mom would be proud of us." he smiled at him.
Captain jones smiled and saluted them. "Both your parents would be proud. I look forward to serving with you for years to come." General stanton motioned the boys into the room and closed the door. Texas looked around. He saw mom, and a bunch of machines. "Where's dad?"
He's in the tank Texas it's to relax his muscles i think.
FRI 1:08AM
General, could you get me the files of all personel and solders that will be station here. I want to familiarize myself with everyone before unwanted guess start showing up.
FRI 6:18AM
General stanton narrows his eyes at sterling junior. "That's your decision then? I half suspected. Here." He reached into his inside breast pocket producing an envelope and handing it to sterling junior. "This leaves with me. You can look it over though." All of the soldiers in uniform were from his fathers cavalry unit. Men sterling had led on the battlefield of open warfare. In the spanish war, and the indian wars. There wasnt a man on the roster younger than his father. There wasnt a man who wasnt a veteran of at least six battles. The medical staff were seasoned teachers and students learning the newest techniques. There were also scientists experimenting on new medical technology.
Texas sat on the bed next to victoria holding her hand. Jimmy came back into the room and checked the machines. "Hello boys." Texas turned to major doctor jimmy "doc, why is our dad in there?" The doctor sighed "there are a lot of things wrong with your dad. First, its dark in there, so maybe we can save his vision. Second, he cant hear anything going on out here when the lid is closed, so nobody can wake him up and upset him or trigger another episode. Third, he's in shallow warm water which will help his muscles relax. Fourth, because he is totally isolated from the outside world, he will be less stressed, making it easier to keep him sedated and the painkillers will be more effective. Fifth because he is completely cut off from the world around him, he shouldn't be using his brain too much and we can prevent any kind of retardation."
FRI 8:23AM
Jack gazed down at the badge, several thoughts all demanding to be voiced amid the haze of waking from much needed rest. He vaguely remembered some big wig in a suit... something about a promotion... oh shit... “Son of a bitch conscripted me!”
He bolts out of the room, keen on find Sterling the elder.
Captain jones was steps behind jack and gently placed a hand on his shoulder "whoah there. Easy. C'mon back this way. They moved victoria. You were half asleep and passed out in the chair next to me." He spoke to jack the same way one would speak to a spooked horse
“I’m sorry, have we met? I’m as mad as a pole cat and apparently a....” looks at his badge. “A sergeant. Does that out rank you?”
"Calm down. You're in too deep not to give you papers and clearance. And no, you fall under me as your captain. So do texas and junior. Yes, we did meet, briefly. Sterling junior introduced you to me. I'm his parents poker buddy."
"All we did was reinstate you and promote you for your services. If you must know."
“I was in too deep days ago when Victoria... we’ll never mind. I didn’t ask to be reinstated... I never wanted to be part of the army in the first goddamn place.”
"C'mon back to the room." He sighed frustrated with an unbroken buck. "And it took us a few days to catch up. We were dealing with a confederate war criminal general wreacking havock across half rhe state."
Sterling Jr looked up from the paper. Any new information? Ask sterling Jr.
“Where the hell is Sterling, elder or junior...”
Captain jones shook his head "this way. You should go back to sleep. They brought you a cot." He leads jack back to the room but blocks his way standing in the closed doorway. They could see victoria in the bed, sterling junior and texas, as well as a general talking with doctor jimmy. Big white tank with a lid next to victoria. "Family only in the room. Just leave the kids alone. Both of their parents are barely alive. Tex only met his father a few weeks ago. All of the time he has known his father he has been in hospital." He wasnt angry, exhausted. He'd buried a lot of friends in the last month. He was starting to figure out why.
Doctor jimmy looked at the boys "i want to be very clear with you; your father is breaths away from death. You can't open the lid, but, i suggest you say your good byes, just in case." Jimmy was angry but hed grown infected by this charming family and he started to choke up a bit even. "Im sorry boys. Im still going to do what i can but if he has any hope this tank cant be disturbed. "
Jack turned away. “I’ll wait outside...” he muttered. Damn this whole mess, he thought.
Captain jones sat jack down on the cot in the hall "easy now. Just relax."
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Sterling walked over to the tank. His fist was clenched, he didn't want to say good bye. He knew his father hadn't give up yet and neither is he. "Get better soon dad is all that he said before walking away.
FRI 1:28PM
Sterling Jr looked at the doctor. I don't want to say goodbye not till he goes in the dirt any sooner is just giving up.
He walked back over to the files he was reading. He finished memorizing the names and faces. Before handing them back to the General. "Thank you sir, this will be very helpful." I would also like to get my hands on a layout of the building and surrounding area." If that can be arranged." He was getting ready for his mission. He knew it was only going to be a matter of time, before there enemies where going to make there move again and intended to be ready this time.
Sterling Jr looked at Texas, "hey I'm going to take jack and go patrol around the building. You stay here incase mom wakes up." Sterling Jr walks oit of the room. "Feel like taking a look around get the lay of the land before our enemies have a chance to act." He asked Jack.
Jack stands up. “That’s sergeant to you... apparently...”
Sterling Jr rolls his eyes, "then why didn't you come up with the idea sergeant" he said sarcastically. As he started walking down the hall. "Ya coming " he called back as he kept walking.
Jack follows. “Of all the dumb, Sam Hill ideas that have ever been spawned in the state of the union... there’s a long list but this one has got to be near the top.”
Sterling Jr shacks his head. I don't want our enemies getting the jump on us again. Don't you agree?
“Don’t see how me being drafted factors into it.”
It doesn't, I just assumed after we lost my mother you wouldn't want it to happen again. If im wrong your free to leave. He said as he was making note of how many entrances and ways to get in to the building he noticed.
Jack grimaced. “Sergeant...” he muttered.
They made several laps around the building makeing version notes, how many Windows were on each floor how many ways to get to the roof or basement. They discussed versus strategy as they made there way back to the room after a couple of hours.
Texas laid on the bed cuddled with his mom. He held her tight crying. Little boy hadnt grown up in this world of the steeles. He was tired, he was scared, and he thought his parents were gonna die. Cried himself to sleep next to mom.
Major andrews and general stanton had left. When they got back, captain jones was waiting in the doorway. "Here you go sargent. List of confederate rebel safe houses in the state. No bunkers im afraid, but see if you can smoke some of them out of their dens."
He handed jack a list of addresses
"So you going hunting? Or you staying to see if Victoria walks up?" Asked Sterling Jr.
Jack takes the list. “Hunting.” He let a grim smile escape from his face. “It’s well past time.”
Jacks first safehouse was in a small town not an hours ride from here. There was a note. Try to take them alive, pregnant women can be hostile.
It said there should be three men and one woman.
“I make no promises,” Jack said as he jumped on Wilson. He gave himself one final pat down to make sure he had everything he needed. He didn’t spare a glance back as he rode off on the trail of the safe house.
It was creeping to dawn when jack got to the safe house. A small shack of a house, probably only one room. Kitchen living room bedroom all in one. One horse tied up outside. Jack saw the light in the window go out and a man walked out of the shack house getting on his horse.
Jack disappeared into the grass and moved like a snake, watching the man leave, nothing the direction and the speed. He crept closer to the shack, bandana over his mouth. Anyone would have mistaken him for a bandit.
Peeking in the window jack saw a bed with a woman passed out on it. The remains of cups and dishes for four were on the table. Just embers in the fireplace and a single candle next to the bed. The woman had long curly golden hair and looked about six months pregnant. Tracks where two other horses had been tied up but left earlier.
Jack worked quickly. There wasn’t much to work with this far away, but a length of rope tied to the door and rigged with a trigger guard for a loaded double barrel would make for a decent trap and warning. With the trap set, he stole into the room through the window, uncoiling like a snake into the single bedroom cabin. Making certain no one else was hiding, he silently approached the bed and placed a hand over the woman’s mouth. As sh awoke, he clenched her mouth shut. “Scream and you die, understood?”
She looked up at him with wide eyes. She tried to curl herself into a ball under jack to protect her unborn child.
“I ain’t gonna kill you or hurt you. The only thing you have that I want is information. You tell me the truth, you live. I get a hint of falsehood from you, you die. Do you follow me?”
She nodded vigerously. Terrified as she laid there on the bed, naked and still half asleep.
Jack tucks a blanket around her. “Who are you?”
She clutched the blanket around herself "Madeleine Summers. Im a burlesque dancer...was." still getting used to being unemployed.
“This your home?”
She nodded emphatically. "My husband and brothers just left for work not more than an hour ago."
“And where do they work?”
"Brick plant just outside town." She pointed in the direction of the plant, sitting up and clutching the blanket around herself.
“All three of them work out there and all you can afford is this shack, huh? Must be terrible living out here,” he hands her his water skin.
She shook her head "no we just moved here from atlanta. This was the first place we could find to rent. I used to dance at the victoria club in atlanta
“Never been to Atlanta myself. Do you miss it?”
She sighed frustrated and confused what this man wanted. "Every day. I used to work at an officer's club. They actually knew how to treat a person with respect and dignity."
“As opposed to scaring you to your wits end, I can understand that. So what kind of officers did you entertain?”
"The owner was some cavalry colonel. I never saw him once four years of working for him. But it was mostly union cavalry and infantry officers. Once in a while we would get a guest from France on their way to Louisiana. "
“All the way from France? Wow. That’s quiet a trip to making. Say...” he added getting up to pace about the room, a half eye trained on her. “Don’t suppose one of those officer types you danced for had a name of Steele, did he?”
She shook her head "the owner? No like i said four years of working for him, i never saw him. Some of the other girls did."
“Steele was the owner?” Jack asks. “Fancy that. So... do you have a name picked out?” He gestures toward her stomach.
"Come to think of it, you wanna know about the boss you should talk to Laura down at the victoria club. She worked his bachelor party before i started working there." She put a hand on her stomach "Arnold or Susana."
“Arnie or Suz, pair of good strong names... German? Bah, pay me no mind. So if you don’t mind my asking one last question...” he turns and drops All amiability. “So why is that a woman who could have had her pick of any military brass chose to leave a lucrative job for a cramped shack in the middle of no where? What are you running from?”
She looks at him even more confused. "Yes, german." When he asked what she was running from she broke into tears. "Dont you get it? I made a mistake. I got raped on my way to work one night, and officers dont want anything they cant paper and register as theirs. I had to marry the first man who would support me and the baby."
“What, no hue and cry? No noble soldier coming to your defence? You’re sitting in the middle of a safe house. Life may be tough out here but it’s not so heartless that a berlesque dancer can get raped in the middle of Atlanta and no one bats an eyebrow. Now think real hard... why would you come all the way out here?”
She sighed wiping her tears "i want immunity. Promise me protection first. I'll defect if you promise me my child and i will be safe."
Don’t know what on earth makes her think I can grant her that, Jack thought. He shrugged. “I reckon I can arrange that. Safety for information ain’t that hard a deal to make. So, should we start again with your name?”
It probably had something to do with the sargents badge on his chest."I didnt lie to you. Stupid to lie when theres a gun to your head. My name is Madeleine Summers. I was part of some secret super soldier breeding program. I was designated as a "queen" because im not picky about the men i sleep with. I got pregnant and they decided it was safer for me in the middle of no where."
“Shoulda been a bit more picky ma’am. So you were just a breeding mare...” unlikely she’d have anything on the program or who ran it. Jack would have liked to simply leave her here and move on to the next house to see if he could have gathered any evidence. As it stood, all he had was an expecting mother and a shack. Hardly anything that could blow the lid on this operation. But if he didn’t bring her back, he might lose the Steeles, loath as he was to admit that he might need them in the future. “Get dressed, we’re goin for a ride.”
“Oh and mind the door, there’s a shot gun rigged to it.”
Mean while, back at the hospital, Sterling Jr was making himself busy. He got a layout of the building and the area. He looked it over compared it to the notes he made. He realize their was some weak spots that someone could abuse had it gone unnoticed, He talked to the general about it, and made some suggestions to fix this problems. After a few hours of back and forth with the general, they where both pleased with the new security regiment. Sterling Jr, has a great mind for tactics, and after spending time with Jr, the general had a pretty good idea of his skills, its impressive for a boy so young.
She got dressed quickly "that'll set the boys chasing their tails. They arent really my brothers or my husband. Thats what i was told to say or id be executed."
“I gathered that much, ma’am.”
"Well you wanted to know the truth." She grumbled at him. She followed jack out the window grunting and struggling. "Now what smart guy?"
Jack gave a sharp whistle and Wilson bounded into view. He mounted and helped her up. “Now hold on and mind there’s no wagging tongues. We’re heading to a hospital.”
She smiled and pet his horse's nose accepting his help up onto the horse. "Go slow , please." She begged him hanging onto his jacket.
“Sorry ma’am but it ain’t up to me, ain’t that right, Wilson?” With a whinny that could have been a roar, Wilson shot off back to the university hospital. It was a fast ride but Wilson was sure footed making it smooth as they tore across the night.
Sterling Jr. Was reading a book to Texas, when a solder comes running into the room "I was told to inform you that Jack has been spotted heading back the the hospital" said the solder "but theirs a complication he isn't alone, their appears to be a pregnant woman with him." Sterling Jr slammed the book close. "Dammit Jack what the hell are you thinking" said Sterling Jr. He sighed. before continuing "I'm going to go intercept him before he compromises the security of this place" With out another word he walked off to get his horse ready. Just as Jack was getting close to the hospital Sterling Jr comes bounding towards him on his black stallion. He stops in the middle of he road blocking it. "What the hell you think your doing with that stray Jack?" He shouted
“Coulda sworn my orders were to bring her back alive,” Jack answered. He drew one of his colts, handing it to Junior. “Course if you think she’s that big of a threat. I don’t kill unarmed pregnant women. That’s more of a Steele thing.”
"Steele! Please dont hurt me." She cowered behind jack "i promised id defect in exchange for safety for me amd my baby. Please. I used to dance at your father's club. I swear im not a threat."
He ignores the woman and the gun. "There was nothing in your orders to bring her here jack! You want to compromise us again?" Jr shacks his head mutters something like Idiot under his breath. "Come on theirs a safe house not fare from here, will take her there"
They made their way through the back alley maze, after a few min Sterling Jr stops at a rather nice look home. It was an ordinary house nothing special, but it certainly beats the shack she was in.
Sterling gets off his horse and bring a rather large crate for the woman to step on making it easier getting of the horse. "My apologizes miss for a poor introduction. You know who I am, may I ask your name?" he asked as he helped her down.
Jack shrugs. “Look, junior, that’s a hospital and she’s pregnant, seemed like a logical bet. If she is a spy, she’s worse at it than me cause I saw through her like a sheet and a candle. If she’s playing me, you can use the safety of the hospital as a bargaining chip and plug her for information, cause she ain’t going anywhere for at least three months. And if she ain’t a spy, than she’s just a brood mare and and you can kill an unarmed, pregnant woman in cold blood and explain to me why you lot are what’s best for this country and the people in it. Now I’m giving Wilson 2 hours to get fed and watered afore we’re heading out again.” He turns to leave. “And anything’s gotta be better than the shack I pulled her from... a shit I left the shotgun rig there... ah well let that sort itself out. If they survive it they deserve the gun.” He turns to leave.
"Madeline summers. I used to dance at the victoria club your father owns. I never met him, but there were dozens of photos of his family in his office."
Sterling Jr rolls his eyes, He thought it was strange how he kept accusing them of killing a pregnant woman, when he's the one who keeps bring it up. "Do what ever you want Jack, I'll just keep cleaning up your messes like that poorly trained dog you are." He smirked at Jack. Before turning his attention to Madeline. "That's a pretty name" he said. Shale we go inside and get you comfy?" as he helped her up the stairs.
Jack chuckles. “His daddy is a murdering rapist with fewer brains than a sack of hammers and he’s on the fast track to replace him as the government’s top killer and yet I’m the messy dog. That make sense to you, Wilson?” The horse snorted. “Alright alright, I’ll get you some oats.”
"I'm sorry for my associate poor behavior, He should have taken better care of you" He said as she helped her into a comfy chair. "Alright, so why don't you tell me what happen and maybe we can sort this mess out what you say?" He smiled at her, never piss off a pregnant woman, their like mother bears and can be unpredictable, I'm surprise she didn't take the opportunity to kill jack on the way back, He thought to himself as he looked around for some tea or something.
Jack eyed his next target as Wilson feed and drank. It didn’t matter if Junior wanted to get all high and mighty. It didn’t rightly matter that he was a Sergeant either. What mattered was he had a list of possible leads. One of them had to have something. A name of a higher up. An account. A stray willing to testify. If he could get just one of those, he wouldn’t need the Steeles or their blasted games. He’d have enough to go public and then the dark roots that were strangling the union could be burned out. He write the story himself if he had to.
When junior helped her into a comfortable chair she moaned curling her knees against her chest and sitting in her feet. "Thank you." She sighed wiping sweat from her forehead. "I was a dancer at the officers clubhouse your father owns. I didn't make much money, and one day a man came in offering to pay me a hundred dollars a year on my child's birthday for each child i have for this super soldier program. I took the offer. It was alright at first, the men were a little stupid but they were good looking and really nice as long as i stayed submissive and docile."
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Captain jones came into the stables jack was feeding wilson in and started to saddle his horse and another. "Leave your horse here to rest. Mount up, we've got two riders approaching town, fast."
Sterling Jr taked with Madeline for a little while, "if I may be so bold, is this your first child Madeline?" He asked, there's was some concern in his voice. She look like she was in pain"
She shook her head. "Second. I dont raise them. Thats part of the contract. They are raised by soldiers whose wives are barren."
Jack grimaced. “The only horse I’ve ever ridden has been Wilson.” He looked at his beloved Arabian. “Ach fine. Let’s see what we’ve got.”
"I guessed as much." The captain grumbled leading a pair of anglo-arabs bred from thoroughbreds and arabians. He tossed jack the reins and swung himself into the saddle of the other horse, spurring it forward and to intercept the riders.
"How did you receive payment?" Sterling Jr handed her a glass of water.
Jack followed. “So who are these two, if you don’t mind my asking.” The Anglo-Arab was well trained but wasn’t used to him the way Wilson was.
"They transfered money into an account for me. I never saw anyone face to face."
Captain jones laughed "thats tucker, and this is caboose." He patted his horse on the neck "i took the lazy one. Tucker likes to get jumpy though." As if on cue bound someone was happy to be out of the stall. "Well lets give em a work out"
Jack grinned. “Good! Nothing beats a horse with spirit!” He bounded after the man.
Jr memorized the account number she mentioned, "Thank you for your cooperation Madeline" you can stay here if you like or i can make arrangements to take you where you want to go. Ill make sure to have a doctor see to your well-being for the remainder of your pregnancy. He got up to make a telegraph
She nodded "thank you. Im sorry, im afraid ive gotten mixed up in a den of snakes havent i? I think it's best i stay where they dont know where i am."

As soon as they were in eyesight of the pair of riders the riders coming into town started shooting at them. The captain broke into a zig zag pattern riding dodging the bullets.
Jack ducked, pulling out the lever action Marlin. He cocked his aim and let loose, controlled, steady shots. “Not the hello I was expecting. You wanna warn me next time the folk we’re riding to meet are bent on killing us!” He fired again. When his next shot missed he cursed and took Tucker into a wide circle, aimed and fired, hitting one of the assailants horses and send it sprawling, rider in tow.
"You're the one who was out sniffing around dens. I figured you intended to draw them out or something." The captain tightened the reins on caboose the lazy bastard and whipped him. By this point the other rider had doubled back while still shooting at them.
Jack laughed. “Ha! I wonder if the shot gun rig I left them took one of them out! No wonder their pissed!” He wheeled about. “Hey captain! Ever seen a Ketchum grenade?”
"Oh shit." He pulled his horse to a stop next to the one who had fallen. He was getting to his feet and shooting at the captain. The captain circled and came round again at just the right time to put a bullet from his 45 in the one's skull. "You left a trap at a safehouse? Because that's not swinging at a hive with a stick!"
Jack pulled out the grenade from his over coat. “Next time I’ll be more thorough!” He threw the grenade at the remaining rider and as it passed alongside his assailant, Jack drew his pistol and shot the grenade. The explosion was deafening and the rider was blown clear from his horse. As the dust settled, Jack dismounted and walked over to inspect the would be assassin. His right leg was little more than blood and shrapnel and there was a very good chance he’d never walk again, much less carry a gun. “Junior ain’t gonna be happy about this,” Jack sighed.
As jack came over to the assailant he saw the man break a tooth out of his jaw and crush it in his teeth. Moments later white foam bubbled out of his mouth and he began convulsing. Captain jones rode up beside jack as the man stopped twitching.
It had been two weeks since the "shotgun incident " as captain jones refered to jacks little trap from there out.
Texas hadnt left his mother's side since they brought her into the hospital. Sterling junior had passed out in a chair visiting. Heavy stiff footsteps entered the room. Tick tick tick a cane ticked with each step. A hand gently shook sterling junior. "Quiet. " a heavy voice growled softly. "You're riding with me." He stepped over to the bed and leaned down slipping his arms around texas. "Hey. I love you. Stay here and protect your mom, alright tought guy?" Texas opened his eyes caught in a hug. "Dad!"
"Shhh." Sterling sr gave tex another squeeze "listen to your mom. She'll teach you everything you need." He sat on the edge of the bed groaning. Softly he brushed her hair away from her face and leaned in kissing her lips. "Hey beautiful, daddy's gotta go to work." He kissed her forehead "I'll make them pay for hurting you."
"How about a really kiss before you go." Said Victoria. Victoria was mostly healed by this point she still had another two weeks before the cast came off but the swelling had gone down and most of the bruises where gone. Sterling Jr was waiting at the door dressed in his uniform. To escort and assist his father in his light duties.
"Boys, wait outside a moment." Sterling sr growled. When the boys were both outside and the door closed sterling sr wrapped his arms around victoria kissing her as if he we expecting to die....again. he'd gotten a lot of practice at it lately.
Victoria melted under Sterling Sr touch. She smiled seductive and said "you should make them wait just for awhile" as she pulled him in closer.
"Ok, but we have to make this quick." ........it wasnt quick. His nerves were damaged pretty badly. It wasnt impossible it just took more time and effort than it used to. "We should get married as soon as you can walk." He whispered in her ear as he laid there panting in her ear.
"It's a date" she said beaming at him.
Sterling sr grinned kissing her again and picking up his cane "i should go. Junior and i are going to notify the next of kin of the deceased. More than one way to smoke out a den. See if i can give jack some help with his intel. Im gonna keep record of who reacts how to the news."
He strode out of the room leaning on his cane heavily. "Thanks for the new pony. He's adorable. Gotta think of a name." He knocked on the wooden doorframe of the room opening the door and stepping into the hall with his sons. "One last hug, then junior and i gotta go." He groaned kneeling down to hug texas tightly. "You take care of your mom." He groaned grabbing a nearby chair for support and his cane as he struggled to stand. He moaned straightening out his back with a sigh. "Your moms gonna kill me."
Two weeks had given Jack enough time to grow a swathe of hair across his cheeks and chin. Tho uncempt, it took away his youthful looks and gave him a face more fitting to his nineteen years. He had ridden across the state, ferreting out safe houses and opposing agents, collecting an Arsenal of weaponry and information. Seldom did he ever stay for longer than a day, more commonly Jack’s stays were a few hours. A mouthful of food, a canteen of water, some ammo and a new horse and Jack was gone again. The Shot Gun Trap had taught the others that Jack worked best with a slack leash and a wide berth. This along with most of his steady company being the horses Wilson, Tucker and Lucy (whom Wilson had taken a liking to Jack noted) lead to Jack saying little when he was around. He was as untamed as the wilds he roamed, another soldier had noted. An observation shared by everyone.
He rode up swiftly, dismounting and leading Lucy to the stables and hitching her next to Wilson. “Shake the sleepy from your eyes, Tucker, we’ll be moving soon.” Tucker snorted his objects. “Stow it,” Jack replied, patting the Anglo-Arabian on the nose. “No rest for the wicked who do the Lords work, you know that.” He stepped out side, yawned, stretched, spit and only then noticed Sterling the Elder. “I told them you’d pull through. That didn’t stop them from making a grand fuss over it.”
Sterling Jr smirked at jack. You should visit mom before you go running off. I think she like to talk to you.
Jack bit back a groan. He wasn’t exactly interested in talking to her at the moment. Only a few hours spared for sleep in the past week might have had something to do with that. He patted Tucker and stalked off noiselessly to Victoria, tapping on the room to her door but not entering. “Junior said you wanted to talk.”
"Come in" called Victoria through the door. She hadn't bother to get dress to much of a pain with the cast on. she was in a silk nightgown. "Jack!" She beamed when she saw him. "I'm glad you came by you haven't seen me much since i woke up." Ther was some disappointment in her voice when she spoke. "I have something for you" she perked right up." There was a larg box all raped up sitting on the table. When jack opened it. There was a brand new custom horse satle for Wilson. "Do you like it?" She asked.
Jack reddened slightly at. Victoria’s lack of a dress, pulling his head down to inspect the saddle closely, hoping she wouldn’t notice it. “Ah ma’am. I’ve, ah been busy these last two weeks. Someone made me a sergeant. Strikes me as the worst idea since Lincoln went to the play house but it has meant I’ve been able to track down more than a few strays lately. I just got back from one such hunting expedition... so to speak.” He eyed the saddle carefully. “This is a mighty fine gift and much appreciated ma’am. Thank you kindly.”
Victoria saw his face but didn't say anything she just smiled. "You've earned it. Madeline the pregnant woman gave as a great lead. You should be rewarded for retrieving her." She said "Good jab sergeant" she smiled
Jack slowly smiled. “Well don’t go telling that to Junior. I’m fair certain he’s happier believing I’m the worst thing to happen to the Union since king George III
Victoria laughed hard. "What if i told you, it was Jr idea. He thought that the info he got from the girl more then made up for the small mistakes you made " she grinned.
Jack chuckles. “Well I suppose telling it right too me must have slipped his mind... in the last two weeks,” he added with a wink. He hoisted the saddle up. “If that’s everything ma’am, if got to ride.”
"Jr was worried you wouldn't except the gift from him so he asked me to do it. I thought you be interested in the results of that account number have a set." She said.
Jack nodded, setting the saddle down. “So what did the brood mare have to say?
When senior came out to the stables and caught sight of jack, he clenched his jaw growling. Sterling sr wanted as much distance between him and jack as possible at all times. His blood was boiling. Good, it'll keep him warm on the ride. Bastard had been cold since coming back to america from japan. Jimmy was going to check on victoria when he spotted junior and his father saddling their horses. Seniors attention had drifted and he was standing there stroking his new horse's nose with his pink lips. Jimmy came up to them and handed junior a metal tin with lots of little boxes in it. Each box had a white pill, and a blue pill. He then handed sterling a bottle of clear capsules with greenish oil in them. "Your dad gets one of those blue ones and one of the white ones a day. One of the capsules every four hours. Im telling you because he might forget." Senior was lost in his thoughts fantasizing about ripping jack in two. How did he keep this up all the time? Being this angry was exhausting. With a groan he put his foot in the stirrup and climbed into the saddle groaning. Junior destinctly heard the sound of his father's hip cracking and popping.
Sterling jr. Nodded. "Ill make sure he gets them." Victoria frowned at the brood mother comment. "I hope you don't intend to take about me like that when i get pregnant. You should have more respect jack" She look genuinely hurt.
“Last I checked, you had gone rogue from the government’s little act of genetic determinism. You plan on going back to them? Besides,” he added. “You ain’t pregnant yet.”
She smiled at jack, i never went rogue jack. The program was cancelled. I thought it be a good way to retire, settle down have a family. She beamed at him.
Jimmy came in smiling at victoria. "Evening mrs.steele. how are you feeling?" He noticed victorias smile and chuckled "feel like working these into your schedule mrs. Steele?" He set some pills on her bedside table. "Make sure to take them at the same time every day." He gave her a playful jab "dont worry. Your husband has some to take too."
“You went rogue. Otherwise you would have turned me in. And before you stick yourself in a moral quandary about that, remember, betraying your government and betraying your people are two very different things. Besides, if Miss Summers is any indication, looks like they’re keen on reinstating that program.”
She smiled at the doctor, I'm hopping i wont need them, as she took the please, she gave him a wink. Before turning back to jack.
Jack you have already met my superiors, so i did turn you in. She smiled. As for the program there are theres a branch of thr agency that has gone rogue and is continuing the program any ways to bulk there resources.
Jack nodded. “So we’re just in disagreement as to who is at the top of this chain. But we can settle that later. What have you got for me?”
"If you're lucky, you wont need them. But we cant go ignoring the damage now that its done so this is to compensate for that." He chuckled "good. Im glad he came to say good Bye." He looked over at jack and then back to victoria.
Sterling senior and junior were riding for the first house on their list. They were going to start close bye and work their way down the list. The last ones on the list would take them to washington state, california, and new mexico. North Dakota to texas. Far flung corners of the union. It was a scatter shot who they were talking to, friene or foe. When he wasn't on his horse dad kept one hand on his gun and one hand firmly holding his cane. Guess he liked the horse mom got him. Must be comfortable to ride because he dozed off waking up startled a few seconds later when he started to slide off.
Now she gave him an excited grin. How a name? She drops a file on the table. His name is Edward Norton, code name the butcher, he has a wrap sheet a mile long. With almost as many kills as Sterling Sr. He's the real deal jack if you nab this guy or find intell about what hes working on, we'll be one step closer to bring down the rogue agency.
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Jack read the file twice before finally looking up. “If you don’t mind my saying ma’am, you are the most beautiful woman in the whole of the union.”
Sterling sr wanted to talk to his son. Desperately. He wanted to ask what his son thought about the way jack looked at their mother. He wanted to talk about anything, everything. But he couldnt. Thanks to jack there were no safe things for sterling sr to say. Hed have to settle for smiling at his son and giving him a pat on the head as they rode. His fathers thoughts went dark and introspective again in moments.
The doctor shook his head looking at jack and back to victoria. "Speaking of unions, how was he when you saw him? He had just been briefed on the Boyd program cancelling, among other things." No wonder sterling sr had been crying when they made love an hour ago. He had been told their marraige had been dissolved with the program cancelling. He needed the reassurance she wouldnt leave him even though the program was over.
Victoria was surprised by Jack comments, made her blush which just made her more gorgeous. "I'm glade to see your excited." She turned to the doctor he seemed lost in thought, I wouldn't worry jr. Will help him with that. Sterling Jr looked at his father, he could read his expression like a book. " hey dad, i wouldn't worry about Victoria, she already started wedding plans before you even asked her. She's very excited and she's asked the doctor for pills to help her get pregnant. " so if you have something on your mind talk to me. If you stew on it its just going to twist youbup
Jack got up. He grinned and carried the saddle to the stables. “Good news, Tucker. We’re going hunting.”
The first ones to cross off the list were the next of kin in the state of georgia since they were closest. There weren't any in Savannah. The first few houses went quietly for the most part. Women reacting to being told their husbands were gone frequently latched on to general steele sobbing on hia uniform jacket. Somehow general steele had something comforting to say to each of them. They understood and expected it a little being married to a soldier. They left each widow with a sizable check. Enough for any normal person to be comfortable for the rest of their life. General steele couldnt hardly hold a pen in his hand, so corporal steele recorded the check number that each house got, and the address. "When they take those checks to the bank, I'll get a record what accounts the money went into." He said when they were about a mile away from the most recent house. Fortunately nobody had gotten violent with them, though, there hadnt been any men at the houses either. Once his father actually got into a mindset of working he had a one track mind. He snapped out of it as they were riding, about four hours after junior had said it. "Reading those journals of mine'll twist you up, i tell you what." He shook his head "nah ive just got a jealous streak a mile wide." As they rode, junior would notice a shake in his father's hand and this was the third time his leg had spasmed and hed kicked his horse into a gallop unintentionally.
"We should stop and take a break its time for your medicine anyways" said Jr. He was watching his father closely. "Is there anything you want to talk about" he asked
She turned to jack before he left. "Be careful jack he not like your others, if you fail jack that's it we may never get a sec chance "
“Then I’d better not fail,” he said with a grin.
He sighed frustrated "plenty. Union is safer when i keep my whore mouth shut though." They rode into a small town and stopped at the saloon. Curious folk on the street couldnt help stop and watch general steele dismount his horse. It wasnt graceful and his hip popped and cracked causing him to groan in pain. "Ugh. Fuck me." He muttered leaning his forehead into his horse's neck. The general wouldnt admit it but he was exhausted. He shouldnt have left the hospital but people needed to be held accounted. If he had to step in front again oh well.
Jacks words still echoed in his head and he flinched. He couldnt even talk to his son about normal father son things like girls because he was so rattled by opening his mouth about austria.
Sterling Jr sigh, that actually isn't your call to make dad, as he pulled out an envelope. This is signed by your doctor and your superiors. You are required too talk to your family or your doctor about your thoughts and feelings sinces this will affect your condition. Fail to comply, you will be put back into the think tank. Sterling Jr. Look said tjat he had to do that, he wanted to take to talk to hia father he didn't want to force him to talk but what choice did he have. You shouldn't let some wannabe loser have so much power over you. Besides hes an idoit, even if you gave him the whole truth he still wouldn't understand.
His hand shook as he reached into his left breast pocket and pulled out his cigarettes and lighter handing them to junior. "Light your old man a cigarette. We'll grab a beer and some lunch and be on our way." He tapped junior in the shoulder with the cigarettes to get his attention and nodded towards the three young men standing in the ally watching. Walking into the saloon senior played up the limp and leaned heavier on his cane. He was playing lame for the enemy he knew was watching.
They left their guns with the bartender in accordance with the rules. Moments after they sat down at a table by the window the three men dad pointed out walked Into the bar. They did not turn over any guns to the bartender.
He helped his father light his cigarette. Jr didn't out right look at them. He sized them up, how do you wan to handle this he asked his old man as he placed a spoon and a cup with in reach on the table.
"Let em spark the powderkeg. I'll teach them a history lesson." He chuckled. The server came over asking their order. General steele ordered two shots of whiskey and two beers to chase it. Whatever else the boy wanted. She brought them their drinks. "Anything else?" She asked sweetly. Sterling sr's left eye twitched indirectly watching the three of them move out of his left eye. The general took a drag off his cigarette. His hand was shaking bad, he was amped up for a fight already.
"No thank you" said Jr. As he kept a close eye on the three men
Edward Norton file isn't very larg but is in it isn't very pleasant to read. Jack thought the Sr was bad, this guy makes Sr look like a Saint. Not only is his kill count almost as high, but according to his fill he loves to torcher people, specifically woman and children. He's been know to take out whole towns leaving nothing but body's and blood in his wake. He was last spotted in Montana.
As she left sterling sr looked to his son "just act casual." He said taking another drag of his cigarette. He threw the shot of whisky down his throat hissing at the vile taste. He took a sip of his beer grimmacing. "The waters gotta be worse."
Sterling Jr took his shot and took a good swig of his beer. He made this weird face like why do people drink this shit. As he sat for a second and he could start to feel it in his cheeks. He suddenly understood why, it makes you feel good. Sterling Jr had this silly smile on his face.
Senior cracked up laughing at the face his son made. "Now you know why Kentucky's stupid. Thats why you're only getting one." He laughed. The three men saw the look on juniors face and cracked up laughing too. By their third drink the one started getting rowdy. His friends tried to keep him quiet but it wasnt going so well
Jr did as his father told him, he watched and waited while the three man started to get out of hand
Jack rode hard across the country side, drawer closer to Montana and the man Norton. This was a simple intel job, but from what Jack had read, he had no intention of letting Norton walk away living. This butcher was going to die and the union would be better for it. Jack knew that much of the union’s laws were written in grey but this was as black and white as it came. Norton was guilty. No one had passed the sentence so it fell to Jack. Not glorious, but to keep the good people of the union safe, it was something he had to do. Along with bringing down whatever agency he worked with. Jack still wasn’t convinced that the government didn’t have a hand in this rogue agency. And even if they didn’t, the government needed to answer for the covert establishment of this “super soldier” program. And they would answer. Because justice demanded it.
General steele was just finishing his beer "i think ive had about enough of this pisswater. Lets go someplace decent." Of course he hadnt taken his medication yet. He stood up and that was when the loudest stood up too."You're a long way from home yankee doodle." And the powderkeg was lit. General steele chuckled "boy, i could spit and hit my plantation from here. Best mind your tone, that wars been over thirty years." As soon as the words the south shall rise again fell out of that idiots mouth general steele banged the head of his cane on the table. "By the terms of surrender of the confederate army to the united states union, officers and men shall return to their home until called upon!" The general roared in this rebel punks face. "I will give you your war you so deaperatly crave if only to grind your sorry backwards ideology into oblivion!"
"But not a day before the president orders me to!"
He wasn’t what Jack would have called a friend. Hells bells he was barely an acquaintance. But he knew more or less just about anything of any significance in Montana. And he was deathly afraid of Jack Plisskin. Course that didn’t say much given that this squirrel of a man was a afraid of just about everything that moved didn’t say much. He ran a small, quaint little saloon that doubled as a meeting place for run runners and the odd weapon merchant. Few gathered to trade information and swap rumours for coin or cheap liquor. Jack felt he should hold his nose every time he walked in. “Hello, Louis,” he beamed at the quivering bar keep who paled. “Jack!” He gasped. “I thought you were dead! After that train job, no one’s heard from you in weeks lad.”
Jack smiled: “Louise, Louise, Louise... you know ol Jackie wouldn’t abandon you out in the cold. Come now...” he scanned the dingy saloon. Tho sparsely populated by a handful of miscreants and nar do wells, their hushed chatter had fallen completely silent. They stared at Jack, eyes narrowed and filled with a drunken mixture of malice and disbelief. “Well... looks like Louise wasn’t the only one hoping I wouldn’t show my face round here again. I’m hurt, boys.”
“Rumours were you was more than just dead, Plisskin,” a deep voice rumbled. Folk called him the Midnight Spike. He was tall even for a negro, and built like a brick wall, covered with scars. He was a slave who used to work the rail lines and now made his work as a hired muscle. His bald head jabbed toward a wanted poster with the name “Plisskin” printed bold beneath it. “They say you took on with what’s left of the Steele family. That makes you a dirty coward, Plisskin. A gutless pile of shit.” Jack strolled around the bar counter and laid a bank note down in front of Louise before crouching down behind the stained wooden counter. “You still keep the good stuff down here, right Louise?” He emerged with a bottle of decent whiskey and a pair of glasses. “Well don’t belief everything you hear. The arrangement I have with the Steeles is more of a mutual benefit. And I’ll prove it to you.”
Spike snorted taking the glass with Louise. “And how do you aim to do that, Plisskin?” Jack gave a grin. “Figure I’d take care of a particular thorn in the side of your community. I’m going after Edward Norton.” Spike barely managed to choke back the whiskey but Louise sent his flying from his lips in shock.”
“The Butcher, Jackie?” Louise coughed. “You’re mad!” The rest of the bar had paled by now and even Spike looked like someone had walked over his grave.
Spike grimaced and crossed himself. “The last victims of the butcher was a mother expecting. The marshal found her strung up with the child ripped out of her. He’s chopped of brother’s manhood, left him looking like he’d been dipped in a pool of blood up to his waist. Butcher kill you, Plisskin. You wanna live, you keep riding.”
Louise nodded. “I’m sorry Jackie, but I can’t say anything. If it gets back to Norton that I helped anyone find him...” Louise shuddered, his lips quivering. “You understand, don’t you Jack.”
Jack chuckled, pouring them another drink. “What I understand is that the Butcher has been giving all of you no end of trouble cause he’s got the marshal and all the law men jumping at shadows. That’s making it mighty hard for you to slip about. So if someone was to remove this thorn, things would get a lot safer in the state of Montana. And that someone would be mighty appreciated by the local low lifes. Especially if that someone didn’t collect the bounty but left it for a certain... hired muscle,” he winked at Spike. Louise steadied himself and belted back the whiskey. “You ain’t speaking any falsehoods Jackie... getting ride of the Butcher would have us all breathing easier. But what would you want in return?”
Jack leaned forward. “One favour each, from the usual crowd, no questions asked.” Louise shook his head. “Jack, that’s too steep. For me to get you that, you’d have to-“

“Kill Edward Norton?” Jack finished Louise price. The barkeep squirmed for a moment, glancing fervently at Spike. The towering negro shrugged and took another shot of whiskey. Louise fished under the table and pulled out a scrap of paper. “Norton’s bid himself out on a run down and abandoned ranch little ways east of here. Rumour is he’s waiting for something but no one has even ventured a guess as to what.”

Jack took the paper. “If I had to hazard a guess, it’d be a bullet.”
The drunk man, goes to to punch Sr, he was stop mid-swing, by Jr. Jr then grabbed his arm and flipped him on to the floor. He turned and kicked the other square in the chest sending him flying grasping for air as he hit the wall. Jr turned to the third, "leave now, or else" said Jr.
General steele's temple trobbed and for a second he saw nothing but grey and white. He steadied himself with his cane "Corprol! Restrain yourself. We, have overstayed our welcome." He turned to the three rebels "you three, go home. Before everyone regrets their next decision."
Jr withdrew as order, he watched the men, making sure they weren't gearing up for another round.
General Steele went around to the bar and paid their bill with a bit extra for the commotion. He collected their guns and handed juniors over to him. "We cant afford to be starting another civil war right now. C'mon. We'll stop at my favorite place after we're done in Atlanta." He put his hand on his son's shoulder walking out with him. "Mark this town on the map as still having loyalists. Those boys were young. Someone's feeding that fire in this town." He groaned muttering Jesus fuck me god damn lead poisoning. Taking up the reins he leaned forward in the saddle slightly dizzy. "Not quite how i envisioned the first round of drinks on your birthday going." He groaned shifting in the saddle again. "God damn leg is killing me."
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Atlanta City Hospital
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