Western Promises

Our Reimagining of the events of History. Our game paused December 30,1890. We will resume the game timeline June 28, 1914
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 Story Matters

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General Sterling Steele

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PostSubject: Story Matters   Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:50 pm

Greetings players of Western Promises,
I need your help. I am in the process of writing the wrap-up for our most recent adventures and beginning the introduction to our next chapter.
The Player for General Leghorn and Betty Sue Winchester gave me an interesting analogy for the game. When players began to play this game, if it were a television series, it would have aired on the country music channel. When General Leghorn entered the plot, it was as if the series got picked up by HBO. When Jack Plisskin and The Light Bringer entered the plot it transferred to the Lifetime Network.
The Player for General Leghorn and Betty Sue summarized what they hope to see from the next chapter as they hoped to see this play out as though it were airing on AMC. Story Matters; it's true.

We are all only human, and mistakes are inevitable. I would like to take responsibility for my mistakes. There were elements of story that were unrelated to plot that I allowed to carry on for too long. There were elements of plot that were not dealt with when they should have before the story moved on too fast. There were elements of plot that I did not handle appropriately at all. When players brought up issues, I didn't handle them well. I made it hard for players to bring up issues with me.

I can't go back and fix any of it. What I can do is make it right by apologizing for my mistakes that I can recognize. I'm certain there are other mistakes I have made that I haven't seen yet, but I hope you all can forgive me for my mistakes.

Now, what I need from everyone, is I need to know what goals their characters will have in the next chapter. I do not want to know in this topic which characters players will play. All I need to know is what goals will users have before we kick this game off again. this will help me to determine the exact date that we begin playing in the year 1914. If players are uncomfortable publicly discussing their goals and objectives, then they are welcome to privately message me.
We will be playing along a historical timeline.That does not mean we are bound by the rules of history and accuracy. This is a game. Players are welcome and encouraged to use anachronism. A great example of historical anachronism is the movie A Knight's Tale. Laura Croft also makes excellent use of anachronism. Bruce Campbell's Evil Dead series can also be an excellent source of inspiration. Finally, A shameless plug for an organization close to my heart; The Society for Creative Anachronism. Any of these examples can help to give flavor to player's posts.
If we get bogged down in truth too much, we'll forget what matters. Story matters. That's my point.

The mistakes that were made are tragic, however they can still be used towards building a great story if we all remember to learn from them. The mistakes I made and any mistakes other players may choose to own, publicly or personally within themselves. You don't have to publicly admit your mistakes as I chose to do. You might not have made any. I am the Dungeon Master of this game though, and as a result, I have to be the example for everyone. That doesn't mean I have to be a martyr about it though.

I have been working over the last couple days to tie together elements of the plot that were present. I have a rough outline of some events that several players discussed with me that were important to them to having resolutions. I ask Everyone now, what resolutions would you like to see before the new game begins? What closure would you like to see? What elements of the story would you like to see highlighted one last time?

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Story Matters
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