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Our Reimagining of the events of History. Our game paused December 30,1890. We will resume the game timeline June 28, 1914
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 bugel story

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General Sterling Steele

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PostSubject: bugel story   Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:17 am

The Story So Far...
Our story takes place so far in The United States of America (although we do make field trips to Japan, Austria, Mexico, Ireland, Africa, Canada; just to name a few we’ve been to so far.) during the year 1890. It is October now, and cotton and corn are not the only things being reaped from what they were sown.
Four years ago, a humble cavalry Captain, Texas Steele was shipped away to Japan to train the Emperor’s soldier. He returned to America this week a Colonel; and a national hero for his assisting with peace negotiations between the Ronin and the Emperor.
Formerly Miss Victoria Everweather; Mrs. Victoria Stele is a captain in her own right; of industry. While her husband is away bravely fighting, she storms boardrooms with hostile takeovers of American Capitalism, pioneering the way for female entrepreneurs everywhere.
This autumn marks the one year passing of our state’s Governor Bradley Steele, a veteran of the civil war. With respect to the family and former Governor Steele’s eldest son returning from abroad, the family has asked not to have any visitors to his grave, and to pay respects in private.
The railroad is coming and with the railroad comes more people. Land is being bought up; left, right, and center. The real estate market can only go up in value, so get your hands on some fine Georgia property now.
These are the current events, but the story all started in the year 1864. It begins with a war that turned neighbors against each other and brother took up arms against brother. The country was divided by principle, and profits. In our nation’s most brutal war ever, six hundred and twenty thousand soldiers lost their lives when the bodies were counted on both sides. In the midst of the bloodiest conflict in America’s history, there was a project engineered by unknown parties. It would be the largest train on the longest set of tracks across the country upon its completion. The train was destroyed in the conflict of the civil war in a battle just outside Louisville, Kentucky. When the wreckage of the train was discovered, the vault was empty; sparking one of the biggest treasure hunts in the United States of America. Nobody ever claimed to have found the gold. Historical experts believe that the gold was likely removed during the battle that took place there, and carted off under the guise of artillery or munitions. From there it’s anyone’s guess though. Somebody on that battlefield got very rich. Nobody who was recorded at that battle ever showed any disproportionate and unexplainable gain in wealth, so what happened to the gold? Nobody knows. Everyone who was there is either dead, or isn’t talking about it.
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bugel story
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