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A gritty, historic, re-imagining of our role-playing adventures in the wild-west from 1890 forward.
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 The Butcher's Bill

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General Sterling Steele

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PostSubject: The Butcher's Bill   Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:26 pm

a list of all cannon characters who have died to date. individual obituaries for each character will be coming soon.

Austin McAlister - dead (gunshot wound to the head)
Alex - dead (hung by the neck)
Bradley Steele – dead (pneumonia)
Cassandra Steele – dead (bled out during a miscarriage)
Charolette Steele – dead (smoke inhalation)
Virginia Steele- dead (smoke inhalation)
Carolina Steele – dead (smoke inhalation)
Nebraska Steele- dead (smoke inhalation)
Nevada Steele – dead (smoke inhalation)
Vermont Steele - dead (smoke inhalation)
Jimmy Conroy – dead (cannon ball to the chest)
Annabelle Steele – dead (giving birth to twins)
Jesus Ocasio – dead (crushed by stagecoach)

top of the list are the most recent fatalities; bottom of the list are the oldest graves in the yard. this list will be updated frequently.
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The Butcher's Bill
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