Western Promises

Our Reimagining of the events of History. Our game paused December 30,1890. We will resume the game timeline June 28, 1914
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 The Medic Tent

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General Sterling Steele

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PostSubject: The Medic Tent   Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:58 am

Victoria Steele:
Victoria thoughts are interrupted as the officer approaches her and the marshal letting her know of a prisoner willing to talk in the medical tent.
[23:44:22 21/11/2017]
JohnnyAppleseed :
"Excuse me miss" the marshal excuses himself and heads towards the basement cellar I have to go ask Mr. leghorn a few questions
[23:46:22 21/11/2017]
Victoria Steele :
Victoria Nods at the marshal, as she quickly heads towards the medical tent. Her head is spinning from the days events
[23:49:20 21/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
She opens the medical tent flap. Inside were several people, including most of her family, as well as some unknown faces. A woman causing a scene an older man in the back of the tent and the young boy she found shot in the camp.
[23:53:22 21/11/2017]
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
The young boy shot in the shoulder cried and wailed "I didn't want to do it. They said it was the only way I’d get to meet my dad." The little boy blubbered through his tears.
[23:57:36 21/11/2017]
Jolene felt the tension in the tent in only aggravated the feeling inside her that she needed to be close to another human being. Her mind was racing like it did when she was sent to the hospital every time. She needed to be with another human being. She just realized she had been grinding the bed she had been sitting on. Sweat broke out when she gazed across the tent towards Victoria. She felt that heat between her legs and thought it was crazy that's a woman. She is so beautiful her silhouette says she is in great shape. Her face. Reminded her of her mother... she was going to get things done. She heard her son through the sexual haze. Her heart sank, she hadn't thought of them in so long days... She didn't know if she had any right to say anything now she wasn't a fit mother.
[00:09:54 22/11/2017]
The doctor awakened from his stupor and rubbed his eyes, they stung with dust and smoke. He looked over and saw Texas throwing up, Victoria was here now and the woman Texas had courted was sitting on her bed on the verge of an emotional breakdown. At least he wasn’t dead. He sat up and noticed he had been cuffed to his cot "uh nurse? Anyone? A little help please."
[00:12:34 22/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
Victoria noticed the doctor, recognized him as the expert that the military sent for Texas. She walked over and unhand cuffed him from the bed. She asked him" How you feeling doc?
[00:15:44 22/11/2017]
"Rough." He sighs you wouldn’t believe the night I just had. He gets up and dusts himself off "your husband needs a treatment as soon as he is allowed to leave, I think I should go clean up before he arrives, when he is released let him know ill be in his study."
[00:16:17 22/11/2017]
Jolene tried to fight the sexual haze if she could get Texas to take the kids they'd be so much better off. She couldn't even take care of herself she didn't know where she was. She just realized the Texas wasn't even far from her. She saw this woman approach the man that was with Texas at the tent and couldn't make out the words but liked the tone. This woman was too perfect maybe she'd take her kids. She had to be a better mother... Anyone would be better ...
[00:18:16 22/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
Before you go doctor, I’d like to ask you a few questions. For starts what happen after I left and why was her husband and him in the middle of the camp?
[00:19:30 22/11/2017]
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
Mackenzie chuckled when Texas threw up the bullet to go with the empty casing. "That's six, Bill. You owe me five dollars." Bill just rolled his eyes and dug out the money handing it over to Mackenzie who was snapping his fingers in front of Texas trying to get the colonel to focus again. "Sir? Sir, stay with me. You're not clear to rest yet. What year is it?"
[00:23:14 22/11/2017]
JohnnyAppleseed :
"Well Mrs. Steele all of that will be answered in time but for now all I have are more questions and nothing I could call a good answer, maybe that woman over there can answer some things for you she saw Texas in her tent before I was taken hostage."
[00:27:14 22/11/2017]
Jolene saw this woman look towards her and her heart skipped a beat and picked up. She forgot all about her kids and tried reaching out to this woman feeling the heat spread between her legs reaching a little further she tipped the bed she was handcuffed to.
[00:28:57 22/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
Victoria looked at the woman, she seemed like something was off about her, and she turned to the doctors in the tent and asks for a report on the woman.
[00:32:16 22/11/2017]
@ Colonel Texas Steele :
Mackenzie laughed nervously "bill..." bill blushed looking down "uh, well, we thought she was raped originally, someone had a rough go at her anyway, but I uh, I actually think she might be one of those hyper sexual. A nymphomaniac."
[00:32:16 22/11/2017]
She started crawling towards the gorgeous lady dragging this bed. It was anything but graceful
[00:33:54 22/11/2017]
All she could think about was this was the woman that would make everything alright again she had to talk to her she crawling was so pitiful and feeble
[00:38:42 22/11/2017]
The doctor knew what to do. He went over to his bag that was kept for him at the foot of his bed. He pulled out a 16" wand that was made of a dark mahogany it had brass banding and copper wire from the tip to about halfway down. There was a hand crank on the side and a curious can shaped attachment on the pummel. He began cranking the device and walked over to the woman. "Control yourself vile temptress!" He bellowed. Striking Jolene releasing a high voltage shock into her body.
[00:42:55 22/11/2017]
This man came over with this stick as she was struggling she was instantly vertical and pounced on the doctor with the bed tipping them off their feet and she yelled again trying to pull the stick down lower
[00:44:10 22/11/2017]
Her eyes were wild with fire she needed that stick again needed it so bad
[00:44:39 22/11/2017]
The doctor throws the woman onto the floor. "This woman has acute hysteria!"
[00:45:09 22/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
Victoria walked over to the bed and kicked it up right fling Jolene back into herbed. She then reeled on the doctor and said."I don't think this is the time doctor, plus she is not your patient
[00:45:51 22/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
now behave or ill have you tide to the bed again.
[00:46:42 22/11/2017]
He grumbles as he adjusts his clothing. "I will be in Texas' study."
[00:48:42 22/11/2017]
She felt like she was flying this super woman just fixed her bed right side up and put her back on it with one swift kick. She was feeling the sexual haze creep back on for this, woman she was going to fix everything.
[00:51:10 22/11/2017]
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
Bill sighs "I tried saying that. I was about to sedate her, but, well.... staff sergeant Steele wanted to question her." Texas sat up "staff sergeant? I'm a god damn colonel." He groaned moving to get up and go talk to this psycho woman. "Whoa sir, not you. Your wife. You're too sick." Texas sat back looking confused "wife..." he looked down at his hand.”I don’t have a ring..."
[00:58:23 22/11/2017]
"Oh yes" the doctor stops to reach into his pocket for the ring. His face went white. "Umm... I seem to have dropped something when I fell earlier. I have to go." He ran off towards Jolene’s tent. He threw himself into the dirt and started scouring the area for a red handkerchief folded up neatly. When he was tackled out of the canon's line of fire he must have dropped the ring.
[01:13:05 22/11/2017]
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
Bill pulled out a syringe of kedamine "so...you don’t need her?" He went over to Jolene and injected her in the neck "night pretty lady." He said softly to Jolene. Texas puked on himself dizzy trying to sit up and check his pockets for a ring. "No, no I’m not married guys. I’ve got no ring. I don’t remember getting married. Pretty sure I'd remember marrying my dream girl." The little boy sniffled reaching into his pocket pulling out a shiny gold ring with three tiny diamonds. It had been Bradley’s wedding ring when he married Texas' mother. "Is this what you're looking for? I found it when the cannon went off."
[01:16:36 22/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
Victoria walked over to the boy and thanked him kindly for finding her husbands ring she walked over to the boy and took the ring from him and walked over to Texas and gave him the ring. I guess they really scrambled your brain if you don't remember me. She looked at Texas and gave him one of her brilliant smiles
[01:22:43 22/11/2017]
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
When the pretty army lady thanked him for finding his father's wedding ring, his little heart sank. His dad had a family of his own. He probably wouldn't care about him. He sniffled out a weak and sad "you're welcome." Before he started to sob again. Texas looked up at Victoria flabbergasted. He felt butterflies in his stomach when she touched his hand giving him the ring. He recognized it. "No ma'am, I could never forget you. I merely forgot you were mine."
[01:30:36 22/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
Victoria, Smiled at her husband, she gave him a kiss. I'm glad you haven't forgotten. She turned her attention to the boy who most likely just saved her marriage. Thank you, for finding it. What's your name?
[01:32:29 22/11/2017]
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
The little boy sniffled wiping his eyes. "Texas junior, ma'am." He flinched. He usually got hit for telling people who he was named after.
[01:37:23 22/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
Victoria was dumbfounded, by what she just heard. She blinked for a moment and looked at Texas then the boy. He looked a lot like him. She smiled at the boy, I like your name. Can you tell me more about yourself, How come your here.
[01:43:00 22/11/2017]
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
"My grandpa said I was coming to meet my dad. He said we were going to play some war games and if dad won, we might get to go home with him. I didn’t know they were going to shoot cannon at him. The general shot my twin brother Austin." The boy was starting to get worked up and cry again.
[01:45:53 22/11/2017]
Victoria Steele:
Victoria looked at Texas again and then at Sterling, who was sitting on the bed watching the whole thing. She sat down next to Junior and told him that everything would be okay. Who was his grandfather and where was his mother in all this?

==+==+==+== This Ladies, and Gentlemen, is the end of the log sent to the moderators. We are lucky our chat has an archive; ==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==

@ Colonel Texas Steele:
Texas Junior sniffled wiping his eyes “my mom is the lady who fell off her bed. My granddad is over there.” He pointed over to James McAlister on his cot.
Jolene was grinding on the bed watching Victoria handle everything and everyone. She was trying to fight the sexual haze of desire clouding her mind. She thought I need to see if this woman will take care of my children if I can please her...
Jamie McAlister watched Victoria take charge and muscle her way through the info from everyone and saw his grandson gesture towards him. He thought I’d better not lie to this woman. She’ll know.
Victoria Steele:
Sterling piped up That man is the one who hung Alex and did this to my face. Sterling was angry. Not at the boy but at the woman and the grandfather, it reminded him of a time he tried to forget.
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
Texas Junior flinched when Sterling started to shout. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. They said it was a game.” He sniffled. “and they said Austin and I would have a real home.” He gasped, sniffling and starting to sob uncontrollably again.
Victoria Steele:
Victoria looked over at Sterling, you could tell he felt bad for making the boy cry. She turned to the boy and held him as he cried. “Hay now, it’s ok. No one is going to hurt you, okay? I’ll make sure of it, okay? I’m sorry about your brother. I know how it feels to lose someone close to you.”
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
He cried into Victoria’s uniform. “All he wanted was to go home with our dad.” He sobbed hugging Victoria. “The General shot him because granddad couldn’t get the baby.”
Victoria Steele:
Victoria took the handcuffs off of him and lifted him up into her arms and walked over to Sterling. She introduced Texas Junior to Sterling. Then she took Sterling and walked over to their father and introduced Texas to his children.
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
Texas choked back tears when Victoria brought these two wounded to him and told him they were his sons. He weaved, dizzy, and leaned over puking into a bin. Gasping he wiped his face and then looked at his kids again. “Sterling... jesus I remember you being so young.” He stroked sterling’s face. “I’m proud of you son.” Looking to Texas Junior he pulled the boy into his lap. “I don’t remember you at all. Why? You’re fuckin’ adorable, Junior.” He squeezed the boy gently. “junior. I love it.” He stroked junior’s hair holding him and pulling sterling into the hug to. “I love you boys.” He kissed the top of their heads.
Victoria Steele:
To answer your question dear, it’s because you didn’t know. Nor did I. His mother kept it from you. It doesn’t matter though this is our family. Soon there will be another. Your brother brought you a daughter to adopt. Once you are well I hope to make our family bigger.
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
Texas started to sob now, holding his kids. “Oh my god.” He had to push the boys away so he didn’t throw up on them and threw up in the bin again. He looked up at Victoria “I love you. I’m sorry I don’t remember much. My brain is a mess.”
Victoria Steele:
It’s okay dear, there will be time for more explanations later. Right now, the three of you all need rest. All three of you some how managed to get yourselves hurt. She picked up Junior, and took him to his bed while Sterling made his way to his own bed. Once the boys had settled down, she turned her attention to the woman and the old man.
With Victoria’s gaze Jolene’s heart raced I hope she’s going to talk to me! I’d do anything to talk to her.
@ Colonel Texas Steele:
Texas Junior hugged his father before Victoria picked him up. “I love you too dad.” He sniffled and whimpered clinging to Victoria as she carried him. “You’re a better mom than my real mom.” He hugged her as she tucked him in. Texas Senior got up off his cot and threw up from a wave of nausea. When he regained himself he made his way over to Sterling’s cot and sat beside his eldest son. Drawing his revolver he handed it to sterling. “my little man. You earned this. I wish I knew where the other was...” he leaned over dry heaving onto the grass floor of the tent. “ugh, probably out somewhere in the camp.” He stroked sterling’s cheek looking at the bruise. “now you tell me who did this to my boy?”

==+==+==+==+==+ THAT’S IT! That’s the end of our group’s first successful multi-player quick-fire session! Thank you to all the players who came out! We hope to see everyone again real soon. You may resume your regularly scheduled gaming. ==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==
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PostSubject: A depth to McAlister   Fri Jan 26, 2018 3:50 am

McAlister felt another spasm of pain. It wasn't as bad as the feeling of failure. That he failed his family failed his people. He felt detached almost elated looking around everything was blurry and bright. White and gold it was so beautiful McAllister forgot about his injuries for a moment. Upon remembering he tried to panic he felt sluggish and elation... it only furthered his  panic.
Bill rushed over "McAlister? are you okay"?

McAlister wasn’t really coherent in his responses as Bill figured out he was delirious as McAlister seemed to snap out of it but still wasn't  making sense. He was being loud. "Am I dead Peter? He saw Bill through the light.  I can't be at these gates yet i have so much to make up for. I have to set my daughter up and her sons, ...  son"      he  choked and gasped    
Bill tried to calm him "you're fine relax" ... What you've done isn’t that bad is it?  How big a list could it be?

McAlister sputtered        cutting Bill off as he and everyone in the tent clearly heard and had figured out that he thought Bill was Peter at the pearly gates of heaven. McAlister said to Bill  ... "(Peter) i have to confess my sins ill have pages " I've butchered so many tribes even before the Indian wars time and time again i shot them all day until i couldn't hold my rifle anymore ... We used a compliment of my modded puckle guns to wipe out camps and villages

I killed so many for the rail line after and during those wars." ...  He lapsed into gibberish clearly incidents at town after town after town and farm and tribes...
Bill looked around the tent at the people in horror and revulsion.   It was horrible like a train wreck but you couldn't look away. It was like he was talking triple speed and clearly thousands across the country had suffered at his hands... And tens of thousands were dead at his orders and work and a date popped out Jolene said that's when my kids were born.

McAlister  sat up dazed look .... He looked right at Bill and said are you okay Peter? I tried to stay chronological.  After a brief pause McAllister said after that day I saw how wrong I had been and i have been on a path to justice. I cannot be saved but  I took so many of those horrible men down. resumed a flurry         words names of places came up again people that has helped him commit these atrocities.  I need to finalize the accounts for the orphanages I’m funding i have to give my sons their boats Austin and Texas. They're crewed by good people taking out pirates and supporting the law and justice. They have my modded puckle guns onboard disguised to match the shipping fleet.

i can save as many people as i have killed by this time next year. God I was so close grace me with one more year and all those bastards who ordered me to kill and relocate are going to come down with me .. John C. Frémont, American army officer, explorer and presidential candidate and his under cover troop needs to die I want to hear of his death we're going to level his villa with a bunch of his men he ordered me to kill those women and children he faked his death earlier this year he's going to wipe out the Indians of my ships don’t get him ...   my G'sons Jolene McAllister clutched Bill and screamed Peter you have to send me back! None of this was supposed to happen we were here to talk about land acquisitions and I was going to give my grandson s a father … His eyes wild he locked eyes with Bill.

Bill frustrated tried to think  He shouted  poof and pushed McAlister down and hid beside the bed on all fours
Bill called out," Hey are you back with us McAllister?"    
Mcalister called out weakly "what? Am I alive?

Bill said quickly " glad you're back with us now sleep rest ..."
The happiest weak sound ever heard escaped Mcalisters lips I'm back oh I'm gonna get those bastards after I'm better ... I'm on a mission from God now
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The Medic Tent
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